Good morning gorgeous people! This word popped into my mind on my morning walk… Re-soul-ution!

Definition: RE-SOUL-UTION …bringing soul back into the conversation to discover resolutions to challenges.

I wonder what would happen if we started using Facebook, Twitter or any of the well known social media platform to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS? or to SUGGEST CREATIVE RESPONSES to local and global issues? What if instead of the BITCHIN’ MOANIN’ and COMPLAININ’ that focuses on the obvious end results of fear, greed and ego that we contribute to the INSPIRED RESOLUTIONS (Re-soul-utions!) to these matters.

Clearly its time to upgrade our expectation of ourselves and our responses to things. We are the ones who choose our whole reality and its from this place of cause that we can exact powerful shifts and changes in our lives and therefore the lives of those around us.

I read a report recently that it is a proven fact that if you are a regular user of Facebook, that your general state of happiness DECREASES. And I say NO💩  SHERLOCK! if you are using the platform as a vehicle to vent and air your powerlessness and frustrations on your FB community. This isn’t Facebooks ‘fault’, it is simply a platform, neither good nor bad, its ELECTRONICS offering a service that can be used to share whatever. Use this amazing platform as a vehicle for your inspiration, to stimulate and provoke expansion and evolution.

So why not bring consciousness to what you are ‘liking’, ‘posting’ and ‘sharing’. And instead of sitting behind the safety of the screen, BE AUDACIOUS, SHARE YOUR WISDOM and not your victimhood or persecutions. And while you are at it, remember that underneath it all, everyone has their own answers within them so NO-ONE needs your advice or needs rescuing. Instead share your BIG, BEAUTIFUL HEART and train your attention on soul-lutions!!!

Speak up gorgeous leaders of love and set the bar higher. Surround yourself with fellow people who choose to elevate the conversation, it’s easier that way.

DW x

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Do you feel like a freak?

Do you feel like a freak?

Today I am writing to a more specific person out there. And for me to be able to do this, I am going to share with you in a way that may feel quite different to those of you who read my blog posts regularly.


Today I’m reaching out to those of you who are the outliers, the misfits, the ones who may even feel like a bit of a freak! I’m reaching out to those who feel misunderstood and perhaps alienated and separate and deeply alone. The ones who have faced or are facing a space of seeming darkness and feel at a loss.


I know your pain- I know what it feels like to be in this space which may come as a surprise to many of you who have only seen me AFTER all my years of transformation work and hours of my own coaching and mentoring with numerous people around Australia and overseas.


When I was in my early 20’s I was fortunate enough to be referred to a naturopath/dietician to whom I went for some guidance and support around depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I say fortunate because I was told that had I gone down the conventional route of western medicine, I would’ve been diagnosed as manic depressive and put on medication. But something inside me wasn’t ready for that to be my fate and by going to the naturopath, I embarked on an intensive re-programming of my body chemistry and head-space which led to me clearing the ‘dark cloud of misery’ that used to descend on me almost like clockwork each 4-6 weeks for anything from 1 to 5 days at a time.


Was it an easy experience, HELL NO! I had been ‘managing’ this monthly occurrence since my teens, learning that if I could just hold out for one more day, that it would pass, but managing isn’t transforming anything and it was exhausting. There had to be another way and that’s where my journey began.


One vital thing I learned back then was that our greatest gold, our innate gift and power lies in our biggest challenges. I was drawn to do the work that was required to see how I had ‘called in’ depression and anxiety for very good reason and not that I was broken and flawed as both myself and most of the general population viewed it.


It was this deep internal enquiry, provoked by that free-thinking naturopath that ultimately led me to do what I do today with my clients. In simple terms, how on earth was I to be able to support others with their own mental challenges unless I had experienced this in my own body. It wasn’t enough for me to have learned it in a text book and regurgitate facts and figures alone.


So what I know to be true is that no matter what it is you are going through right now, there is another way of viewing that challenge. Another way in which you can free yourself from the fearful perception of ‘not good enough’ and the unworthiness you feel with all the shameful, guilty and sad emotions that bind you.


And the really tough stuff you experience contains the key to your own gold within and informs what you are here to offer to the world.


I am here to support people in uncovering this (core!)truth, I am here to partner with you to bring that into fruition, to own your inner freak and embrace being the outlier or misfit! It’s always been in there, just hidden amongst the clutter! What better time than right here and now, where we can leverage the energy of the end of this year, to enable you to begin the new year on the path towards living your own version of a fully expressed life. I extend an invitation to those who resonate with these words and who can no longer keep managing their emotions to call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Quieten your mind…

Quieten your mind…

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Ram Dass

After spending a glorious week in Tasmania recently, I was reminded of how vital it is to keep coming back to the place of peace and quiet within. Nature offers so much when it comes to dropping out of my head and its never-ending torrent of thoughts and provides an instant bridge into the present moment.

When you quieten your mind enough, you can feel and then express the wisdom that comes through you. This is sometimes called intuition, inter-connectedness, source-energy, love. Whatever it is called in your world, make it a priority to connect with it through stillness and watch with wonderment how life unfolds with all its synchronicity and perfection.

I find that in working with people, they often expect this to be easy, and come with no pressure or challenge when they are in this space but this is a misconception of the truth. This is where ‘personal transformation’ becomes woo-woo and leaves people feeling cynical and full of doubt.

Having the ability to feel this quietness within, no matter what is going on around you is what must be fostered, with conscious practice and diligence. As your resilience builds, so does your peace of mind.

I am opening my practice to partnering up with 3 more people who know that it is time for them to build their emotional resilience and want more peace and certainty in their lives. These people already can feel that they are ready but may keep falling prey to their thoughts and fears of capability and resources. I urge you three to dig deep and step up , I am here to support you to reach the clarity and peace of mind that allows you to live a fully expressed life. If you feel even the faintest pull within, I look forward to hearing from you so that we can discover if there is a fit for what I can offer.

Do you sometimes feel as if you are dying the death of a thousand cuts?

Do you sometimes feel as if you are dying the death of a thousand cuts?

You know, those small seemingly easy-to-overlook decisions where you take the safe option, the ‘anything for a quiet life” choice, the ‘better the devil you know’ way of life which leads down the same old path of feeling uninspired and mediocre. Sometimes, if you are really paying attention, you will notice that the choices you are making don’t even feel like yours, it’s like you are playing out someone else’s life.


Every time you compromise and hold back out of fear….
Every time you have not made a choice to follow what you love for fear of consequences? Not enough time, not enough money, and then all of a sudden its another year of your life thats gone by…
Every time you say you are going to do something new or challenging but then pull back?…


Here’s the deal… and it sounds funny but I have the latest lyrics from Madonna ringing in my ears:
“It might sound like I’m an unapologetic bitch but sometimes you know I gotta call it like it is!!!” …

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE RIGHT TIME TO TAKE A LEAP. Stop waiting for it! Your logical rational mind isn’t wired for the unknown,the new, the inspired. In fact it’s fair to say that it has a great aversion to it most of the time!


Of late I have noticed a lot of people absolutely feeling a Yes! to do something or a feeling to go somewhere or take action on something but then a WHOLE lot of backtracking bullshit stories appear, a whole load of holding off until ‘the right time’ or waiting for the fear to subside, or waiting for their head to to agree with their feeling.




The right time is there and then-the moment that the feeling occurs to you IS the best time. We have got so used to trying to get our head to agree to what our heart is telling us and that can take forever- so then you end up living a lot of NEVER.


Stop living your life waiting! Its only ever going to be your head trying to catch up with the infinite wisdom and knowing that your feeling has available to it. Life is only ever lived in the present moment, but just how often are you inhabiting the moment?


And that’s where I can support you. When I work with my clients, I support them to live a fully expressed life through clearing the clutter they have allowed to build up in their heads so that they USE the wisdom and certainty thats already within them. They stop apologising for what they know to be true, stop playing small and limiting their lives by telling themselves bullshit stories that they have ended up believing out of habit. I work with people who mean business with themselves and who are tired of feeling limited and shying away from what they love. It’s time to bring the fullness of who you are into play and show up with all of your might.


Im currently looking for 4 more people who resonate with what I have shared, who’ve had enough of stalling and putting off putting themselves first and daring to live an authentic and inspired life. These people are no longer willing to agree with mediocrity and compromise and want to move through their ideas of limitation. They’ve had enough of letting themselves off the hook and criticising and judging themselves. And they are over the ways in which they sabotage themselves whenever they go for what they love.


Are you one of the 4? If you feel a pull within, I’m interested in speaking with you to determine if we are the right fit and that I can support you to get what it is you need.


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Come to the edge

Come to the edge

The quote below has been the theme of the day, (nay! the week!)in my sessions with my clients and it has been an absolute privilege to bear witness to the layers or fear that have been falling away from each and every one of them in their own way.


I rarely share anything about my clients and wont be sharing any names but today I feel like it’s time to highlight some key things which been happening for them as they “come to the edge” despite the inherent fear that comes up when you choose to ‘turn up and mean business’ in your life and to be fully expressed.


They are finally taking action on what they have always known they love but have been afraid to make real…

– There’s one who is about to have an exhibition of her art on July 4th, unashamedly sharing her work after years of hiding in insignificance and making excuses.
– One who is growing his business and moving it into an office bigger than he could have imagined last year, only to find that he is already filled to capacity and is now expanding to take on a whole new office in another town.
– One who has stopped taking anxiety and depression medication after many years when he realised that he was taking them largely because it was what he had learned from his parents and he now can be his own person and make his own choices.
– another who has stopped hiding behind his relationship for fear of confrontation and loss and is finally stepping into the limelight of his career and has discovered that teaching and sharing his passion with young, rural students makes him come alive.


I share these as an illustration for those of you who feel the pull inside to live a fully expressed life of truth. As a way of saying that everyone who makes that choice WILL and DO have fear come up and that it’s all part of the process. But for those who are really over waiting to realise themselves as powerful and alive and want to live who they are AUTHENTICALLY and with INSPIRATION, don’t wait for that fear to go away! For my clients, they realise that when they practice what we work on in our sessions, they NO LONGER NEED the fear to go, in fact they USE IT to propel themselves towards what they love.


Are you waiting for the fear to go before you take the leap?
Are you ready to know yourself beyond all the fear?
Are you willing to take a leap and show yourself just how magnificent and capable and unlimited you truly are?


If the answer is YES! Then maybe I’m the one to push and witness you flying. Please private message me to talk about partnering up at this ‘edge’ in your life. : )


“Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them…
And they flew.”
-Christopher Logue



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Breaking the cycle of anxiety and overwhelm…

Breaking the cycle of anxiety and overwhelm…

Do you feel like you are always running to catch up with yourself?


Do you fill up all your available waking hours with something, anything that prevents you from being with yourself and your thoughts and emotions?


Do you experience anxiety, panic or overwhelm?


I can remember a time when my life felt very much like that. I gave myself no space to simply BE and get to feel what was true and what satisfied me.
Life isn’t much fun when you live in that anxious state feeling like life is being dictated to you and is out of control. It leads to all kinds of uncharacteristic compensating behaviours, feeling numb and disconnected, compromise and exhaustion. Often it felt like I was going crazy!


Believe it or not, all of these experiences are huge and valuable signposts on a path of waking up and getting wise. They are ways to alert you to know that you are not feeling aligned and congruent in your choices.


But if you don’t read these signals truthfully, you continually compromise on your truth and make choices that are not authentic choices and end up believing there’s something wrong with you- that something needs fixing, changing and improving about who you are. This focus ends up keeping us further and further disconnected from our core and so repeats the cycle.


It’s vital that you give yourself space to get some perspective and be supported in getting really honest with yourself. I know after years of working with exceptional coaches and mentors that continual and regular ‘truth telling’ allows you to ​clear​ the space in your head to allow clarity and calm to be restored. This centred and powerful space is what I call your CoreTruth.


I ​have expertise in supporting people who experience anxiety, overwhelm and depression. When you are flooded with overwhelm and panic or not feeling in alignment and congruent within yourself, I offer a safe haven or refuge for you come back to a place of peace and certainty. If conventional approaches such as counseling and psychology or even medication haven’t got you to where you feel you would like to be, then I invite you to contact me now so ​we can connect and see if what I offer can support you. I welcome your inquiry.

#returntoyourcore  #giveyourselfspace

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