Retreats & Immersion Program

Retreats & Immersion Program

Life is only ever lived right here and now in the present moment. All our problems exist outside of this and with our out-of-control thinking and the drama of emotions which accompany the thoughts we are never truly living our life. At best we are living out a old stories, values and judgments which more than half the time are not even ours but those from our upbringing from family and friends who surround us.

Simply put, I provide an environment where you are free and encouraged to explore, expand and evolve. And give space to inquire, What is your CoreTruth? What inspires you? How would you love to live your life when you free yourself from expectation and old habitual behaviours?

Through opening up to a new way of operating in your life and discovering a new context for living which I have found to alleviate anxiety, depression, overwhelm and a lack of focus and direction, what could be possible?

It’s a context or view which lays a solid foundation in your life when life feels uncertain. I support you to view your life experiences and circumstances through this viewing lens to give you a shift in perception, to connect you to your own inherent wisdom/ knowing and internal feeling of freedom and choice.

Do you sometimes wonder why the same dramas seem to be repeating, or that certain people push your buttons? Do you run over past events wishing you could have done them differently or have everything planned and worked out, including what people will say?

We are not always able to see or understand the blockages that prevent us from living the life we love. And we don’t always understand what our behaviours are about or why we continue to manifest what we don’t love in our lives. Our minds react from a limited view of the past and who we think we are which just leads to less than satisfying experiences. When operating in this limited way, we are only ever using a small part of our innate power and completely missing out on the power of the present moment.

Sometimes it takes another to reflect back to us what we can’t see for ourselves, and yet are very much affected by. To create the space that is purely focussed on us to become aware of what’s going on so that we can make clear and conscious choices.

My role as Intuitive facilitator is to provide an intimate space of non-judgement which allows you to dis-identify with the stories, patterns of behaviour and ideas of limitation that your head convinces you are true. By sitting in a space of presence with you I support you to see the things that you can’t see and challenge your unconscious behaviour in order to gain insight, clarity and connection to the truth. Gradually you are reminded how to re-enter the flow of life rather than forcing or fixing the circumstances around you.

  • Give yourself space to observe and drop out of the drama of your mind with its thoughts and emotions
  • See that your value and worth is not measured by your life circumstances
  • Experience the power of being present and connected in the here and now
  • Make empowered choices that are true for you
  • Experience a deep level of honesty, authenticity and integrity with yourself
  • Know that you are more resilient and have more capacity than you think you do
  • Connect to the enormous well of wisdom that lies inside to manifest a life aligned with what is true