About David

David Walker is the founder of CoreTruth context coaching. He supports people to break their over-dependence on habitual thinking and addictive drama of emotions to rediscover the power and wisdom that lies inside at our core. He operates from the premise that the only true measure of success in life is peace of mind which doesn’t need to depend on anything outside of ourselves.

“I’m drawn to share a space of intimate presence and non-judgement. I know it’s not me who will change anything in you, or for you – only you have the ability to choose that. I remind you that the power and responsibility lie within you and your choices to empower your life through who you truly are. My role is to simply hold a space in which I guide you towards your own realisations in the present moment. The truth is always there and always has been, it’s just been forgotten and covered over by old stories and behaviours which no longer have relevance in the here and now. It’s about waking up and remembering and sitting back into the driver’s seat of your life.

I have been passionate about human beings and the seemingly endless numbers of ways in which we turn up in the world for as long as I can remember. Starting out my working career back in the UK and Ireland as a hairstylist, I was known, like many in the profession as ‘the unpaid psychologist’!  It is enlivening for me when I sit with a person and just get present, connect and speak with them from a place beyond mind and upon reflection: that was what I loved about that industry and it obviously paved the way for what my passion is today. I have purposefully been in the world of self-realisation and transformation for the past 15 years.  I have been exposed to many different approaches in the field and have worked with many different mentors and coaches who have guided and supported me to my own authentic approach.

I co-founded a personal transformation company, Dare to Be Remarkable and, along with my business partner, facilitated consciousness work in the small business and individual arena. When that form completed in June 2010, I developed CoreTruth and shifted the focus towards coaching and mentoring for individuals, couples and business partners who were looking to find a strong and empowering foundation in their lives.

In that time, I have sat with countless people and assisted them to shift their perception of who they are and to enable them to manifest consciously what they would love to experience. I’m excited to contribute to a growing wave of people ‘waking up’ to themselves and taking personal responsibility for their happiness.

My vision is to expand and evolve a global connection of people who are ‘agents of change’, in their own lives, knowing that the shift happens inside and effects the outside in ways our minds could not conceive.

I’m drawn to share the CoreTruth experience with you in a space of intimate presence and non-judgment. I know it’s not me who will change anything in you, or for you – only you have the power to choose that. I put the power and responsibility in you and your choices to empower your life.

I simply hold a space/container in which I guide you towards your own realizations, your own CoreTruth. It is always there and always has been, you have simply forgotten that. It’s time to remember, to wake up and sit in the driving seat of your life and remember you get to choose, you are always at choice and always have been at choice even when it hasn’t felt that way.

I look forward to meeting you. Feel free to contact me