Do you feel like you are always running to catch up with yourself?


Do you fill up all your available waking hours with something, anything that prevents you from being with yourself and your thoughts and emotions?


Do you experience anxiety, panic or overwhelm?


I can remember a time when my life felt very much like that. I gave myself no space to simply BE and get to feel what was true and what satisfied me.
Life isn’t much fun when you live in that anxious state feeling like life is being dictated to you and is out of control. It leads to all kinds of uncharacteristic compensating behaviours, feeling numb and disconnected, compromise and exhaustion. Often it felt like I was going crazy!


Believe it or not, all of these experiences are huge and valuable signposts on a path of waking up and getting wise. They are ways to alert you to know that you are not feeling aligned and congruent in your choices.


But if you don’t read these signals truthfully, you continually compromise on your truth and make choices that are not authentic choices and end up believing there’s something wrong with you- that something needs fixing, changing and improving about who you are. This focus ends up keeping us further and further disconnected from our core and so repeats the cycle.


It’s vital that you give yourself space to get some perspective and be supported in getting really honest with yourself. I know after years of working with exceptional coaches and mentors that continual and regular ‘truth telling’ allows you to ​clear​ the space in your head to allow clarity and calm to be restored. This centred and powerful space is what I call your CoreTruth.


I ​have expertise in supporting people who experience anxiety, overwhelm and depression. When you are flooded with overwhelm and panic or not feeling in alignment and congruent within yourself, I offer a safe haven or refuge for you come back to a place of peace and certainty. If conventional approaches such as counseling and psychology or even medication haven’t got you to where you feel you would like to be, then I invite you to contact me now so ​we can connect and see if what I offer can support you. I welcome your inquiry.

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