“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Ram Dass

After spending a glorious week in Tasmania recently, I was reminded of how vital it is to keep coming back to the place of peace and quiet within. Nature offers so much when it comes to dropping out of my head and its never-ending torrent of thoughts and provides an instant bridge into the present moment.

When you quieten your mind enough, you can feel and then express the wisdom that comes through you. This is sometimes called intuition, inter-connectedness, source-energy, love. Whatever it is called in your world, make it a priority to connect with it through stillness and watch with wonderment how life unfolds with all its synchronicity and perfection.

I find that in working with people, they often expect this to be easy, and come with no pressure or challenge when they are in this space but this is a misconception of the truth. This is where ‘personal transformation’ becomes woo-woo and leaves people feeling cynical and full of doubt.

Having the ability to feel this quietness within, no matter what is going on around you is what must be fostered, with conscious practice and diligence. As your resilience builds, so does your peace of mind.

I am opening my practice to partnering up with 3 more people who know that it is time for them to build their emotional resilience and want more peace and certainty in their lives. These people already can feel that they are ready but may keep falling prey to their thoughts and fears of capability and resources. I urge you three to dig deep and step up , I am here to support you to reach the clarity and peace of mind that allows you to live a fully expressed life. If you feel even the faintest pull within, I look forward to hearing from you so that we can discover if there is a fit for what I can offer.