Good morning gorgeous people! This word popped into my mind on my morning walk… Re-soul-ution!

Definition: RE-SOUL-UTION …bringing soul back into the conversation to discover resolutions to challenges.

I wonder what would happen if we started using Facebook, Twitter or any of the well known social media platform to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS? or to SUGGEST CREATIVE RESPONSES to local and global issues? What if instead of the BITCHIN’ MOANIN’ and COMPLAININ’ that focuses on the obvious end results of fear, greed and ego that we contribute to the INSPIRED RESOLUTIONS (Re-soul-utions!) to these matters.

Clearly its time to upgrade our expectation of ourselves and our responses to things. We are the ones who choose our whole reality and its from this place of cause that we can exact powerful shifts and changes in our lives and therefore the lives of those around us.

I read a report recently that it is a proven fact that if you are a regular user of Facebook, that your general state of happiness DECREASES. And I say NO💩  SHERLOCK! if you are using the platform as a vehicle to vent and air your powerlessness and frustrations on your FB community. This isn’t Facebooks ‘fault’, it is simply a platform, neither good nor bad, its ELECTRONICS offering a service that can be used to share whatever. Use this amazing platform as a vehicle for your inspiration, to stimulate and provoke expansion and evolution.

So why not bring consciousness to what you are ‘liking’, ‘posting’ and ‘sharing’. And instead of sitting behind the safety of the screen, BE AUDACIOUS, SHARE YOUR WISDOM and not your victimhood or persecutions. And while you are at it, remember that underneath it all, everyone has their own answers within them so NO-ONE needs your advice or needs rescuing. Instead share your BIG, BEAUTIFUL HEART and train your attention on soul-lutions!!!

Speak up gorgeous leaders of love and set the bar higher. Surround yourself with fellow people who choose to elevate the conversation, it’s easier that way.

DW x

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