The quote below has been the theme of the day, (nay! the week!)in my sessions with my clients and it has been an absolute privilege to bear witness to the layers or fear that have been falling away from each and every one of them in their own way.


I rarely share anything about my clients and wont be sharing any names but today I feel like it’s time to highlight some key things which been happening for them as they “come to the edge” despite the inherent fear that comes up when you choose to ‘turn up and mean business’ in your life and to be fully expressed.


They are finally taking action on what they have always known they love but have been afraid to make real…

– There’s one who is about to have an exhibition of her art on July 4th, unashamedly sharing her work after years of hiding in insignificance and making excuses.
– One who is growing his business and moving it into an office bigger than he could have imagined last year, only to find that he is already filled to capacity and is now expanding to take on a whole new office in another town.
– One who has stopped taking anxiety and depression medication after many years when he realised that he was taking them largely because it was what he had learned from his parents and he now can be his own person and make his own choices.
– another who has stopped hiding behind his relationship for fear of confrontation and loss and is finally stepping into the limelight of his career and has discovered that teaching and sharing his passion with young, rural students makes him come alive.


I share these as an illustration for those of you who feel the pull inside to live a fully expressed life of truth. As a way of saying that everyone who makes that choice WILL and DO have fear come up and that it’s all part of the process. But for those who are really over waiting to realise themselves as powerful and alive and want to live who they are AUTHENTICALLY and with INSPIRATION, don’t wait for that fear to go away! For my clients, they realise that when they practice what we work on in our sessions, they NO LONGER NEED the fear to go, in fact they USE IT to propel themselves towards what they love.


Are you waiting for the fear to go before you take the leap?
Are you ready to know yourself beyond all the fear?
Are you willing to take a leap and show yourself just how magnificent and capable and unlimited you truly are?


If the answer is YES! Then maybe I’m the one to push and witness you flying. Please private message me to talk about partnering up at this ‘edge’ in your life. : )


“Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them…
And they flew.”
-Christopher Logue



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