The Cause of all Disharmony…

The cause of all disharmony lies within… Therefore don’t waste your precious time and energy on trying to resolve things on the outside, or at least understand that for lasting peace and happiness, the inner work is vital. DW ❤️

CoreTruth Africa Adventure 2017

CoreTruth Africa Adventure 2017

Well the dust has quite literally settled after we all returned from the CoreTruth Africa Adventure. To be able to put into words the experiences had by all would be impossible and reductive but suffice to say that each participant was taken beyond their perception of who they are and what they thought possible for them.

IMG_8066I am blessed to have been accompanied by such open-minded and hearted individuals who came along to the adventure WITHOUT knowing what we were going to do in advance! and showed themselves the power of immersing themselves into the unknown.


We were shown the magic of several different sides of Africa from the Townships of Capetown and Johannesburg to the splendour of the Garden Route and the spaciousness of the skies, sunsets and horizons. We were blown away by the magnificence of the big five game in Kruger National Park, Lions, Leopards,Buffalo, Elephant and Black Rhino and the expansiveness of Blyde River Canyon and God’s Window.

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My intention for the retreat, which was to allow a full immersion into the polarity that South Africa offers, was realised. Each person in their own way getting to expand their sense of self and deepen their connection to the present moment. I take my hat off to the places deep within each of them that were explored and deepened. And I CAN”T WAIT to hold the next one with more gorgeous souls committed to self-mastery and conscious leadership. STAY TUNED!!

Here are a couple of words from my existing clients that give you an insight into the possibilities of working with me in my Coaching Partner Program.

“My experience of Africa was an intense, humbling journey of the senses, particularly in relation to human and animal energies, and awe-inspiring landscapes. It has led to a greater of acceptance of the way things are in this moment, and ultimately a deeper acceptance of myself and my unique journey through life.” DY

DSC_0484“For me Africa was an opportunity to show that, amidst the busy stories of my life, I was able to take time for myself, which showed me that everything is possible without leading to chaos and hardship. Consequently, I feel a greater sense of freedom than I have before. With relation to my process, I am understanding more clearly where the power lies in my choices, whether my choice to do this or that comes from pure love and clarity or from guilt, shame, cloudiness and old paradigm.” NPDC

DSC_0654“Before coming to the retreat, I was feeling anxious about where I was at in my life and was sitting with a lot of feelings of separateness, not belonging and not feeling loved. Feeling very alone.
While being on the retreat with David, I really confronted these and really gave them the opportunity to feel and move through me to allow that deep connection of who I really am to be felt. The release of energy, opening of the heart, the freedom felt in saying what I feel to say and experiencing the presence that I’ve been able to maintain in my life has been life changing.
The space that David holds for the group, they way he lives what he shares and the fun, light playfulness he brings is inspiring and amazing to be experienced.” PH

DSC_0434*My most heartfelt thanks go to Lesley O’Donnell for her amazing ability to capture most of these awesome photographs. You truly chose to be of service to us all and I know I speak on behalf of all who went, that we are appreciative of the time and effort and joy you brought to the task! xxx

Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham.

Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham.

I love this piece from Esther Hicks and Abraham. It’s a large part of what I work on with my clients and that is remembering not to judge the emotions as they move through you but to use them to keep moving towards the next best feeling space within.

“Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss” …we think those are the best words that have ever been offered but sometimes you cannot get a whiff of bliss.

If you are in despair and something bad has happened, if you’ve witnessed something and someone is saying ‘you should follow your bliss’, even though Source is calling you , you can’t hear it because the vibration of where you are and the vibration of Source is different enough you can’t hear it. Not that it isn’t calling but you can’t hear it.

So, do you know what the call of Source sounds like? people say it must be like hearts and angels, we say, it depends on where you are. If you are in appreciation, the call of Source feels like elation- if you are in despair, if you are feeling powerless, then the call of Source feels like rage. If you are in rage or anger the call of Source then feels like frustration, in other words a slight improvement from where you are is what the call of Source always sounds like.

If you’ve ever been depressed, you know how much better you feel when you get mad, your friends don’t want you to be mad , they liked you better when you were depressed but you’ve got to admit, at least you are breathing now, you do feel better. So, everything about coming into alignment with who you are is about closing that gap between whatever you’re focussed upon in your NOW experience and who you really are.”

This isn’t the time to be spiritually passive…

This isn’t the time to be spiritually passive…

We each have a way to respond to the craziness of the world we have created from unconsciousness. We are not powerless though we may have feelings of powerlessness.


We are each able to take full responsibility for the way we turn up in our lives and are always able to choose love over fear if we make a practice of it.


It is a lazy habit to be on auto pilot and stay in our comfort zones. Fighting fire with fire is not the answer as our history shows. True and lasting transformation can only ever come from doing the inner work that is necessary to wake up to who you are and relentlessly challenge fearful and small behaviours.


It’s one thing to wake up and a whole other thing to take action upon that new awareness. I call that spiritual passivity and have been that way before and also see it in the “spiritual hashtag” community over the years.


It’s a misconception that a spiritual standpoint is a passive, observing view. Taking responsibility for awareness also means having the wisdom to know when to take action and put your weight behind something that calls you to and to have any action you take be fueled with conscious, loving awareness.


Marianne Williamson has in my humble opinion nailed it in her latest Huffington Post article. Here’s a snippet and also a link to the full article.


“Spiritual seekers should not be infantile, fuzzy-brained, naive observers merely standing on the sidelines with nothing to contribute but loving hashtags while the world community faces an unprecedented crisis. Quite the opposite, we should be major factors in healing the crisis. Understanding the spiritual dimensions of the problem, we can contribute to the spiritual dimensions of its solution. Given that any reasonable person can recognize the absolute inadequacy of purely rationalistic thinking to strategize a genuine solution to the problem of ISIL and the Islamist fundamentalist jihad, spiritual insight is not only essential — it is pivotal — to providing an answer to the problem.”


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Are you selling yourself short, playing safe or small?

Are you selling yourself short, playing safe or small?

Do you hold back on giving yourself things or experiences you love and which make you feel good? Do you know, not just intellectually know that you are unlimited and abundant by nature?

We often don’t realise that we are treating ourselves as paupers rather than acknowledging the truth that we are THE single most important person in our world. Though it’s a common religious belief to put others needs and desires first, this action can only truly and unconditionally be done by coming from a place of full and undeniable value of YOURSELF first. Take care of your inner experience of happiness and peace before looking to give it elsewhere.

How else are we going to give ourselves the real-life, embodied experience of our abundant nature, unless we are willing to keep the lines of energy open within ourselves. What this in practical terms means is to open your heart and mind and move towards a deep and unshakeable place of TRUST WITHIN. To do this, we have to take ourselves to the uncomfortable edge, the place that is challenging and brings up fearfulness. The exact opposite of what our head and its chatter monkey tells us. When you do this consciously, with support and guidance, you build your resilience and confidence in living freely in the moment. You show yourself through real-life experience, that you have got your own back.

I call this ‘living on the comfortably-uncomfortable edge’. And this edge takes some practice and diligence. It takes a willingness to follow your intuition, your feeling inside that guides you without rational back-upable proof! It takes regular and consistent leaps into the unknown and taking actions that your safety mechanisms won’t like or agree with.

So if your uncomfortable edge is like most people, about money, then I challenge you to take yourself to the edge. The thing you have loved which you have kept locked up in your head for a while, you know, the one whose price tag is beyond your current comfort zone, make the choice to buy it. Yes of course you will have many voices of judgment come up, ‘I’m being reckless!’, ‘what if I get unexpected bills!” , or my particular favourite, “how do I know that it’s something that I truly want and that I’m not going to regret it?!”

Without taking a risk, you will never give yourself the the circumstances VITAL to show yourself your abilities and certainty within. You will continue to sell yourself short.

Expect discomfort, instead of being surprised by it.

I challenge you to remind yourself of a time in your life where you stretched yourself, where you just didn’t know if you could make it through something, that you felt at breaking point and had sleepless nights. Then notice how you felt AFTER that experience, how you felt more expanded, more alive, more certain. What if you were able to remain focussed on that expanded and alive space, the space where you felt empowered and trusting?

  • Perhaps you have been sitting back and waiting for the ‘right time’…a sneaky way of not trusting.
  • Perhaps you are always playing it safe, worrying about tomorrow instead of jumping in today…not trusting.
  • Perhaps you have been ‘saving for a rainy day’ or insuring or backing-up for the future…not-trusting.
  • Perhaps you are waiting for your head to agree with your heart, missing out on living in the moment…not trusting!
  • Perhaps you’re riddled with self-doubt, lack of confidence, feeling scared or paralysed into inaction…again not trusting!!

All of these things and more besides can be moved through. They don’t need to keep you a prisoner in your own life. It’s time to show yourself that you are more than the limited thoughts and ideas you have in your head. It’s time that you showed yourself what it is like to live a fully expressed life that you love.

I am enrolling now for my 3-month Coaching Partner Program and am looking for 4 new people to join me. In this program you will be able to show yourself how and why you have limited yourself and your choices. What you have played small about and why you feel blocked and unsure. You will also learn how to break through this confusion and old habits. You will show yourself what happens when you really have a safe space to explore, free of judgement and stop playing small. 12 short weeks to show yourself the possibilities and make some real shifts in your life.

Do you feel the tingle?! Making a commitment to work with me is the first big step in showing yourself that you deserve to live a fully expressed life.  Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to explore working with you to get what it is you would love to have for yourself. 

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You always get what you deserve!

You always get what you deserve!

Today’s post may be a little hard to hear! But truth is a lot like that sometimes isn’t it ; )


You always get what you deserve!


It’s a bummer isn’t it! or is it?


When we play out our lives like stuff happens to us, like we are the victim of circumstance or we have either good luck or bad luck, then life can be a bummer from time to time.


So when we usually say that you get what you deserve, its nearly always layered with lots of judgment and criticism and often used with righteous accusation or wrongdoing. Or at the very least it comes with a heavy powerless feeling that convinces you that because you’re not good enough, you should put up with whatever it appears you deserve.


But what if we took out all the judgment from that expression -You get what you deserve- all it really means is that you are always getting a reflection of what you have been choosing or not choosing, acting or not acting upon. Like the old adage, you reap what you sow.


So if you are not willing to change your perspective, your context, then you get what you deserve.
So if you won’t, or keep telling yourself that you can’t overcome the fear of doing something differently,you get what you deserve.
If you won’t be consistent in changing old habits and old patterns then you get what you deserve.


So when is this not a bummer?


When you step fully into a context which says that you are in the drivers seat of your life, ie. that you are the writer,director and film-maker of your whole reality, “you get what you deserve” is rich with opportunity and empowerment.


By looking at what you have going on in your life (what you deserve) with 100% personal responsibility glasses on, It becomes a reflection of your choices, both conscious and unconscious ones. It gives you insight about where your choices have been coming from, which will ultimately be from love or from fear.


From my own experience and through supporting people in this contextual shift, what this does is puts you fairly and squarely back in the seat of choice. Clear and conscious choice. A place where you can look with objectivity and less reaction and with consciousness, make a new choice. By reminding ourselves regularly that we are at choice, we are always at choice, even when it doesn’t feel like we are, life takes on a renewed aliveness and vibrancy and purpose.


So, what are you getting turning up in your life? and do you love it or at least are able to see how you deserve it.
Are you feeling deserving of what is happening or are you still judging what’s turning up and wishing and hoping things were different.


I love supporting people to make that leap, that transition from the old judgmental deserving to the purposeful, loving deserving. If you feel you could use some support in this way, feel free to drop me a message or call me and we can have a conversation to see if there’s value in partnering up.


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