We each have a way to respond to the craziness of the world we have created from unconsciousness. We are not powerless though we may have feelings of powerlessness.


We are each able to take full responsibility for the way we turn up in our lives and are always able to choose love over fear if we make a practice of it.


It is a lazy habit to be on auto pilot and stay in our comfort zones. Fighting fire with fire is not the answer as our history shows. True and lasting transformation can only ever come from doing the inner work that is necessary to wake up to who you are and relentlessly challenge fearful and small behaviours.


It’s one thing to wake up and a whole other thing to take action upon that new awareness. I call that spiritual passivity and have been that way before and also see it in the “spiritual hashtag” community over the years.


It’s a misconception that a spiritual standpoint is a passive, observing view. Taking responsibility for awareness also means having the wisdom to know when to take action and put your weight behind something that calls you to and to have any action you take be fueled with conscious, loving awareness.


Marianne Williamson has in my humble opinion nailed it in her latest Huffington Post article. Here’s a snippet and also a link to the full article.


“Spiritual seekers should not be infantile, fuzzy-brained, naive observers merely standing on the sidelines with nothing to contribute but loving hashtags while the world community faces an unprecedented crisis. Quite the opposite, we should be major factors in healing the crisis. Understanding the spiritual dimensions of the problem, we can contribute to the spiritual dimensions of its solution. Given that any reasonable person can recognize the absolute inadequacy of purely rationalistic thinking to strategize a genuine solution to the problem of ISIL and the Islamist fundamentalist jihad, spiritual insight is not only essential — it is pivotal — to providing an answer to the problem.”




Picture Credit: (https://www.flickr.com/photos/x_mrswarhol/)