Today’s post may be a little hard to hear! But truth is a lot like that sometimes isn’t it ; )


You always get what you deserve!


It’s a bummer isn’t it! or is it?


When we play out our lives like stuff happens to us, like we are the victim of circumstance or we have either good luck or bad luck, then life can be a bummer from time to time.


So when we usually say that you get what you deserve, its nearly always layered with lots of judgment and criticism and often used with righteous accusation or wrongdoing. Or at the very least it comes with a heavy powerless feeling that convinces you that because you’re not good enough, you should put up with whatever it appears you deserve.


But what if we took out all the judgment from that expression -You get what you deserve- all it really means is that you are always getting a reflection of what you have been choosing or not choosing, acting or not acting upon. Like the old adage, you reap what you sow.


So if you are not willing to change your perspective, your context, then you get what you deserve.
So if you won’t, or keep telling yourself that you can’t overcome the fear of doing something differently,you get what you deserve.
If you won’t be consistent in changing old habits and old patterns then you get what you deserve.


So when is this not a bummer?


When you step fully into a context which says that you are in the drivers seat of your life, ie. that you are the writer,director and film-maker of your whole reality, “you get what you deserve” is rich with opportunity and empowerment.


By looking at what you have going on in your life (what you deserve) with 100% personal responsibility glasses on, It becomes a reflection of your choices, both conscious and unconscious ones. It gives you insight about where your choices have been coming from, which will ultimately be from love or from fear.


From my own experience and through supporting people in this contextual shift, what this does is puts you fairly and squarely back in the seat of choice. Clear and conscious choice. A place where you can look with objectivity and less reaction and with consciousness, make a new choice. By reminding ourselves regularly that we are at choice, we are always at choice, even when it doesn’t feel like we are, life takes on a renewed aliveness and vibrancy and purpose.


So, what are you getting turning up in your life? and do you love it or at least are able to see how you deserve it.
Are you feeling deserving of what is happening or are you still judging what’s turning up and wishing and hoping things were different.


I love supporting people to make that leap, that transition from the old judgmental deserving to the purposeful, loving deserving. If you feel you could use some support in this way, feel free to drop me a message or call me and we can have a conversation to see if there’s value in partnering up.


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