Do you hold back on giving yourself things or experiences you love and which make you feel good? Do you know, not just intellectually know that you are unlimited and abundant by nature?

We often don’t realise that we are treating ourselves as paupers rather than acknowledging the truth that we are THE single most important person in our world. Though it’s a common religious belief to put others needs and desires first, this action can only truly and unconditionally be done by coming from a place of full and undeniable value of YOURSELF first. Take care of your inner experience of happiness and peace before looking to give it elsewhere.

How else are we going to give ourselves the real-life, embodied experience of our abundant nature, unless we are willing to keep the lines of energy open within ourselves. What this in practical terms means is to open your heart and mind and move towards a deep and unshakeable place of TRUST WITHIN. To do this, we have to take ourselves to the uncomfortable edge, the place that is challenging and brings up fearfulness. The exact opposite of what our head and its chatter monkey tells us. When you do this consciously, with support and guidance, you build your resilience and confidence in living freely in the moment. You show yourself through real-life experience, that you have got your own back.

I call this ‘living on the comfortably-uncomfortable edge’. And this edge takes some practice and diligence. It takes a willingness to follow your intuition, your feeling inside that guides you without rational back-upable proof! It takes regular and consistent leaps into the unknown and taking actions that your safety mechanisms won’t like or agree with.

So if your uncomfortable edge is like most people, about money, then I challenge you to take yourself to the edge. The thing you have loved which you have kept locked up in your head for a while, you know, the one whose price tag is beyond your current comfort zone, make the choice to buy it. Yes of course you will have many voices of judgment come up, ‘I’m being reckless!’, ‘what if I get unexpected bills!” , or my particular favourite, “how do I know that it’s something that I truly want and that I’m not going to regret it?!”

Without taking a risk, you will never give yourself the the circumstances VITAL to show yourself your abilities and certainty within. You will continue to sell yourself short.

Expect discomfort, instead of being surprised by it.

I challenge you to remind yourself of a time in your life where you stretched yourself, where you just didn’t know if you could make it through something, that you felt at breaking point and had sleepless nights. Then notice how you felt AFTER that experience, how you felt more expanded, more alive, more certain. What if you were able to remain focussed on that expanded and alive space, the space where you felt empowered and trusting?

  • Perhaps you have been sitting back and waiting for the ‘right time’…a sneaky way of not trusting.
  • Perhaps you are always playing it safe, worrying about tomorrow instead of jumping in today…not trusting.
  • Perhaps you have been ‘saving for a rainy day’ or insuring or backing-up for the future…not-trusting.
  • Perhaps you are waiting for your head to agree with your heart, missing out on living in the moment…not trusting!
  • Perhaps you’re riddled with self-doubt, lack of confidence, feeling scared or paralysed into inaction…again not trusting!!

All of these things and more besides can be moved through. They don’t need to keep you a prisoner in your own life. It’s time to show yourself that you are more than the limited thoughts and ideas you have in your head. It’s time that you showed yourself what it is like to live a fully expressed life that you love.

I am enrolling now for my 3-month Coaching Partner Program and am looking for 4 new people to join me. In this program you will be able to show yourself how and why you have limited yourself and your choices. What you have played small about and why you feel blocked and unsure. You will also learn how to break through this confusion and old habits. You will show yourself what happens when you really have a safe space to explore, free of judgement and stop playing small. 12 short weeks to show yourself the possibilities and make some real shifts in your life.

Do you feel the tingle?! Making a commitment to work with me is the first big step in showing yourself that you deserve to live a fully expressed life.  Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to explore working with you to get what it is you would love to have for yourself. 

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