This may be for you….

This may be for you….

From Darkness to Light

There will be times in your process of awakening where you will simply not make any sense of anything. It will feel dark and mysterious and potentially scary. You will feel as though you have no compass and no purpose or light to shine the way.

Do not let this dishearten you for you will come to a place of sweet surrender in time that will have you so happy and grateful to yourself that you stayed with it. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

It is all simply preparation so that as you step fully into Who You Are, you will be prepared for it.

Don’t be fooled by the lure of the shiny disco balls, the lure of material wealth and money for they will only hook you back into the very story you are awakening from.

Ask yourself, is it more important that you have all your power sourced from within or have your bank balance full? It’s a question well worth pondering your response to as so many times I hear people talk of their detachment to money and the trappings that come with it but when it really comes down to it, they baulk when challenged to expand beyond that self-imposed invisible jail.

And no, I do not purport to living frugally or aspire to the life of a monk who has denounced all worldly things and comforts. Indeed far from it. As an abundant unlimited being, have whatever your heart desires so long as you know that someone who has their power would need not their ‘back-up plan’ or ‘rainy day strategy’.

This truly is a time of further expansion beyond the current paradigm and for those called to awaken, such as you, the one who reads this, there is no time for delay. Release the guylines and set sail into some unchartered waters for you will be rewarded mightily.

Open your mind, open your heart and cut yourself free from that which binds you. Live a fully expressed life of your choosing and create an experience in symphony with all that surrounds you. Draw forth into form the glowing, golden vision of your heart and soul. It is truly magnificent, YOU are truly magnificent.

It’s time.

DW x

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Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham.

Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham.

I love this piece from Esther Hicks and Abraham. It’s a large part of what I work on with my clients and that is remembering not to judge the emotions as they move through you but to use them to keep moving towards the next best feeling space within.

“Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss” …we think those are the best words that have ever been offered but sometimes you cannot get a whiff of bliss.

If you are in despair and something bad has happened, if you’ve witnessed something and someone is saying ‘you should follow your bliss’, even though Source is calling you , you can’t hear it because the vibration of where you are and the vibration of Source is different enough you can’t hear it. Not that it isn’t calling but you can’t hear it.

So, do you know what the call of Source sounds like? people say it must be like hearts and angels, we say, it depends on where you are. If you are in appreciation, the call of Source feels like elation- if you are in despair, if you are feeling powerless, then the call of Source feels like rage. If you are in rage or anger the call of Source then feels like frustration, in other words a slight improvement from where you are is what the call of Source always sounds like.

If you’ve ever been depressed, you know how much better you feel when you get mad, your friends don’t want you to be mad , they liked you better when you were depressed but you’ve got to admit, at least you are breathing now, you do feel better. So, everything about coming into alignment with who you are is about closing that gap between whatever you’re focussed upon in your NOW experience and who you really are.”

This isn’t the time to be spiritually passive…

This isn’t the time to be spiritually passive…

We each have a way to respond to the craziness of the world we have created from unconsciousness. We are not powerless though we may have feelings of powerlessness.


We are each able to take full responsibility for the way we turn up in our lives and are always able to choose love over fear if we make a practice of it.


It is a lazy habit to be on auto pilot and stay in our comfort zones. Fighting fire with fire is not the answer as our history shows. True and lasting transformation can only ever come from doing the inner work that is necessary to wake up to who you are and relentlessly challenge fearful and small behaviours.


It’s one thing to wake up and a whole other thing to take action upon that new awareness. I call that spiritual passivity and have been that way before and also see it in the “spiritual hashtag” community over the years.


It’s a misconception that a spiritual standpoint is a passive, observing view. Taking responsibility for awareness also means having the wisdom to know when to take action and put your weight behind something that calls you to and to have any action you take be fueled with conscious, loving awareness.


Marianne Williamson has in my humble opinion nailed it in her latest Huffington Post article. Here’s a snippet and also a link to the full article.


“Spiritual seekers should not be infantile, fuzzy-brained, naive observers merely standing on the sidelines with nothing to contribute but loving hashtags while the world community faces an unprecedented crisis. Quite the opposite, we should be major factors in healing the crisis. Understanding the spiritual dimensions of the problem, we can contribute to the spiritual dimensions of its solution. Given that any reasonable person can recognize the absolute inadequacy of purely rationalistic thinking to strategize a genuine solution to the problem of ISIL and the Islamist fundamentalist jihad, spiritual insight is not only essential — it is pivotal — to providing an answer to the problem.”


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Do you feel like a freak?

Do you feel like a freak?

Today I am writing to a more specific person out there. And for me to be able to do this, I am going to share with you in a way that may feel quite different to those of you who read my blog posts regularly.


Today I’m reaching out to those of you who are the outliers, the misfits, the ones who may even feel like a bit of a freak! I’m reaching out to those who feel misunderstood and perhaps alienated and separate and deeply alone. The ones who have faced or are facing a space of seeming darkness and feel at a loss.


I know your pain- I know what it feels like to be in this space which may come as a surprise to many of you who have only seen me AFTER all my years of transformation work and hours of my own coaching and mentoring with numerous people around Australia and overseas.


When I was in my early 20’s I was fortunate enough to be referred to a naturopath/dietician to whom I went for some guidance and support around depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I say fortunate because I was told that had I gone down the conventional route of western medicine, I would’ve been diagnosed as manic depressive and put on medication. But something inside me wasn’t ready for that to be my fate and by going to the naturopath, I embarked on an intensive re-programming of my body chemistry and head-space which led to me clearing the ‘dark cloud of misery’ that used to descend on me almost like clockwork each 4-6 weeks for anything from 1 to 5 days at a time.


Was it an easy experience, HELL NO! I had been ‘managing’ this monthly occurrence since my teens, learning that if I could just hold out for one more day, that it would pass, but managing isn’t transforming anything and it was exhausting. There had to be another way and that’s where my journey began.


One vital thing I learned back then was that our greatest gold, our innate gift and power lies in our biggest challenges. I was drawn to do the work that was required to see how I had ‘called in’ depression and anxiety for very good reason and not that I was broken and flawed as both myself and most of the general population viewed it.


It was this deep internal enquiry, provoked by that free-thinking naturopath that ultimately led me to do what I do today with my clients. In simple terms, how on earth was I to be able to support others with their own mental challenges unless I had experienced this in my own body. It wasn’t enough for me to have learned it in a text book and regurgitate facts and figures alone.


So what I know to be true is that no matter what it is you are going through right now, there is another way of viewing that challenge. Another way in which you can free yourself from the fearful perception of ‘not good enough’ and the unworthiness you feel with all the shameful, guilty and sad emotions that bind you.


And the really tough stuff you experience contains the key to your own gold within and informs what you are here to offer to the world.


I am here to support people in uncovering this (core!)truth, I am here to partner with you to bring that into fruition, to own your inner freak and embrace being the outlier or misfit! It’s always been in there, just hidden amongst the clutter! What better time than right here and now, where we can leverage the energy of the end of this year, to enable you to begin the new year on the path towards living your own version of a fully expressed life. I extend an invitation to those who resonate with these words and who can no longer keep managing their emotions to call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Follow the feeling of Yes!

Follow the feeling of Yes!

We all know when we have it, its a feeling in our body but then the monkey mind, the rational logic comes in and has to evaluate and weigh up risk before we take action.


How many times have you seen a beautiful piece of clothing or a new car or a house and you have instantly felt a YES! In that very moment, you are living that reality and enjoying that thing that has your attention. Your powerful imagination can see yourself in that scene as clear as day and you feel expanded and alive as if it is already yours.


But then almost instantly for most, your thoughts or belief of whether you are able to have that experience come in. Your head evaluates and judges based upon current reality and circumstances if you are worthy or capable of attaining that. It effectively comes right on in and squeezes all of that inspired and expanded energy(which is who you are!) back into the limitations of your little body. It uses past knowledge and compares,evaluates and critiques based upon what you already know as to whether this new experience you have asked for is possible.


Truth is, of course it is possible! You are infinite energy which moves in through and around everything and everyone! But it all comes down to the degree that you give your power to those thoughts and emotions which flood your body. Granted, It’s a huge challenge not to and some things are much more easy to reclaim your attention away from than others but nonetheless, this is what must occur in order to KNOW yourself as a truly unlimited being in a human form.


When working with my clients and from my own journey, this is one of the most challenging things for us. We are scared of expressing ourselves, more especially because of the emotions that we fear will come with that. The actuality of saying the words is often the hardest initial hurdle but in hindsight, the easiest part. The true challenge to our humanness (ego) is in experiencing the emotions we think will happen after speaking up. Its the perception of vulnerability, failure,being wrong, shame, guilt, anxiety, rejection and finally abandonment. Also what we then think we will need to do or act like to follow through after speaking up. This is why you would have heard me speaking about the importance of emotional resilience. Again note- RESILIENCE not RESISTANCE. And your willingness to keep building your resilience time and time again through experience, expression and feeling.


My goodness we are all such drama queens when we are in our heads aren’t we! lol
But if you are tired of continuing to ignore your feelings of Yes! or are in some way convinced that you don’t know what your own yes! is, then put up your hand, I am happy to support you to get clarity and to build your awareness of your own inherent truth within- but even more importantly guide you in taking action on that truth. Being spiritually lazy, or in other words, having awareness but then not taking action from that new awareness is such a bullshit place to be in, believe me, I’ve learned that one and it only leads to cynicism and doubt!


I look forward to hearing from you.


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What are you waiting for?!

What are you waiting for?!

Why are you waiting for the discomfort to be so intense before you do something differently?


If you ponder on that for a moment, you will see that it is often so true. People wait until the circumstances in their lives get so uncomfortable, so unbearable that they almost back themselves into a corner and they don’t feel like they then have a choice.


Why do you wait to have a courageous conversation? Why wait to go ahead with that project or business you dream of? Why put off something that you know deep down is true and feels right?


When you realise the universal truth that life is- and can only ever be- lived in one place, the here and now, then things can really start to shift.


So, what are you putting off? and have you asked yourself why? Why are you biding time for the right moment?


In my experience of working with people I see it all the time. People telling themselves that it’s not quite the right time, they don’t want to speak the truth in case they hurt someone’s feelings, they need one more qualification, another few thousand in the bank etc BEFORE they can do, be or have ‘X’.


All of these are excuses! No wonder there are so many people who feel such a deep sense of powerlessness about their circumstances when they continually and habitually keep putting things off. And when you realise why you play games with yourself this way, you will (metaphorically) kick yourself!


For anyone interested in truly living an authentic and true path and who is tired of this limited ‘delay game’ THE TIME IS NOW. The truth moves through you in each moment, moment to moment, but are you listening to what your truth is?…and are you willing to act upon it?


I am interested in working with people who have had enough of avoiding and putting off stuff in their lives and who are ready to tell themselves the truth. I am welcoming a further 5 people to join me for my coaching partner program where you will have both one-on-one focussed support AND a fortnightly online group-coaching session to really forge a fresh way of turning up in your world.


How about you seize the moment which is NOW and send me a message so we can explore the option of partnering up.