We all know when we have it, its a feeling in our body but then the monkey mind, the rational logic comes in and has to evaluate and weigh up risk before we take action.


How many times have you seen a beautiful piece of clothing or a new car or a house and you have instantly felt a YES! In that very moment, you are living that reality and enjoying that thing that has your attention. Your powerful imagination can see yourself in that scene as clear as day and you feel expanded and alive as if it is already yours.


But then almost instantly for most, your thoughts or belief of whether you are able to have that experience come in. Your head evaluates and judges based upon current reality and circumstances if you are worthy or capable of attaining that. It effectively comes right on in and squeezes all of that inspired and expanded energy(which is who you are!) back into the limitations of your little body. It uses past knowledge and compares,evaluates and critiques based upon what you already know as to whether this new experience you have asked for is possible.


Truth is, of course it is possible! You are infinite energy which moves in through and around everything and everyone! But it all comes down to the degree that you give your power to those thoughts and emotions which flood your body. Granted, It’s a huge challenge not to and some things are much more easy to reclaim your attention away from than others but nonetheless, this is what must occur in order to KNOW yourself as a truly unlimited being in a human form.


When working with my clients and from my own journey, this is one of the most challenging things for us. We are scared of expressing ourselves, more especially because of the emotions that we fear will come with that. The actuality of saying the words is often the hardest initial hurdle but in hindsight, the easiest part. The true challenge to our humanness (ego) is in experiencing the emotions we think will happen after speaking up. Its the perception of vulnerability, failure,being wrong, shame, guilt, anxiety, rejection and finally abandonment. Also what we then think we will need to do or act like to follow through after speaking up. This is why you would have heard me speaking about the importance of emotional resilience. Again note- RESILIENCE not RESISTANCE. And your willingness to keep building your resilience time and time again through experience, expression and feeling.


My goodness we are all such drama queens when we are in our heads aren’t we! lol
But if you are tired of continuing to ignore your feelings of Yes! or are in some way convinced that you don’t know what your own yes! is, then put up your hand, I am happy to support you to get clarity and to build your awareness of your own inherent truth within- but even more importantly guide you in taking action on that truth. Being spiritually lazy, or in other words, having awareness but then not taking action from that new awareness is such a bullshit place to be in, believe me, I’ve learned that one and it only leads to cynicism and doubt!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Picture Credit: (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jepoirrier/)