Why are you waiting for the discomfort to be so intense before you do something differently?


If you ponder on that for a moment, you will see that it is often so true. People wait until the circumstances in their lives get so uncomfortable, so unbearable that they almost back themselves into a corner and they don’t feel like they then have a choice.


Why do you wait to have a courageous conversation? Why wait to go ahead with that project or business you dream of? Why put off something that you know deep down is true and feels right?


When you realise the universal truth that life is- and can only ever be- lived in one place, the here and now, then things can really start to shift.


So, what are you putting off? and have you asked yourself why? Why are you biding time for the right moment?


In my experience of working with people I see it all the time. People telling themselves that it’s not quite the right time, they don’t want to speak the truth in case they hurt someone’s feelings, they need one more qualification, another few thousand in the bank etc BEFORE they can do, be or have ‘X’.


All of these are excuses! No wonder there are so many people who feel such a deep sense of powerlessness about their circumstances when they continually and habitually keep putting things off. And when you realise why you play games with yourself this way, you will (metaphorically) kick yourself!


For anyone interested in truly living an authentic and true path and who is tired of this limited ‘delay game’ THE TIME IS NOW. The truth moves through you in each moment, moment to moment, but are you listening to what your truth is?…and are you willing to act upon it?


I am interested in working with people who have had enough of avoiding and putting off stuff in their lives and who are ready to tell themselves the truth. I am welcoming a further 5 people to join me for my coaching partner program where you will have both one-on-one focussed support AND a fortnightly online group-coaching session to really forge a fresh way of turning up in your world.


How about you seize the moment which is NOW and send me a message so we can explore the option of partnering up.