Come to the edge

Come to the edge

The quote below has been the theme of the day, (nay! the week!)in my sessions with my clients and it has been an absolute privilege to bear witness to the layers or fear that have been falling away from each and every one of them in their own way.


I rarely share anything about my clients and wont be sharing any names but today I feel like it’s time to highlight some key things which been happening for them as they “come to the edge” despite the inherent fear that comes up when you choose to ‘turn up and mean business’ in your life and to be fully expressed.


They are finally taking action on what they have always known they love but have been afraid to make real…

– There’s one who is about to have an exhibition of her art on July 4th, unashamedly sharing her work after years of hiding in insignificance and making excuses.
– One who is growing his business and moving it into an office bigger than he could have imagined last year, only to find that he is already filled to capacity and is now expanding to take on a whole new office in another town.
– One who has stopped taking anxiety and depression medication after many years when he realised that he was taking them largely because it was what he had learned from his parents and he now can be his own person and make his own choices.
– another who has stopped hiding behind his relationship for fear of confrontation and loss and is finally stepping into the limelight of his career and has discovered that teaching and sharing his passion with young, rural students makes him come alive.


I share these as an illustration for those of you who feel the pull inside to live a fully expressed life of truth. As a way of saying that everyone who makes that choice WILL and DO have fear come up and that it’s all part of the process. But for those who are really over waiting to realise themselves as powerful and alive and want to live who they are AUTHENTICALLY and with INSPIRATION, don’t wait for that fear to go away! For my clients, they realise that when they practice what we work on in our sessions, they NO LONGER NEED the fear to go, in fact they USE IT to propel themselves towards what they love.


Are you waiting for the fear to go before you take the leap?
Are you ready to know yourself beyond all the fear?
Are you willing to take a leap and show yourself just how magnificent and capable and unlimited you truly are?


If the answer is YES! Then maybe I’m the one to push and witness you flying. Please private message me to talk about partnering up at this ‘edge’ in your life. : )


“Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them…
And they flew.”
-Christopher Logue



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Is this you?

Is this you?

When you are on the ‘hamster wheel’ of your life and simply doing what you are convinced by your thoughts that you have to do, you miss out on the very thing where you find true peace of mind and contentment.

When you are measuring your success through others eyes and by the collection of material and intellectual wealth around you, you are missing out on the very thing where you find true peace of mind and contentment.

When you believe the thoughts and emotions of limitation that run through your head continuously and miss what is happening around you in the here and now then you are missing out on the very thing where you find true peace of mind and contentment.

When you are convinced that you not good enough just as you are and that there is always somewhere else to be, that the grass is greener, then you are missing out on the very thing where you find true peace of mind and contentment.

When you are at the mercy of your job, your relationships, your financial situation and you live your life in compromise, guilt or regret then you are missing out on the very thing where you find true peace of mind and contentment.

CoreTruth Context Coaching is all about reminding you of the magnificence and perfection of who you already are, in your core, beneath the thoughts, emotions, judgments and ideas that keep telling you otherwise.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with hundreds of people who could feel that there must be more to life. People who were managing, controlling, forcing and avoiding things in their life. Most have been outwardly successful and abundant but all were experiencing a feeling of emptiness and lack of true and lasting joy in their lives.

I have worked with small business owners, CEO”S of large International companies, one of Australia’s top four banking corporations and also individuals who are unemployed, scared, confused, depressed and anxiety ridden across all ages, globally. I support those people who are tired of chasing the next solution outside of themselves and who are no longer willing to play by the usual rules and ways of living life.

I offer this predominantly through online or face-to-face sessions but also facilitate mindfulness and CoreTruth workshops which are ideal for business leadership off-sites and creative inspiration days.

I have no ‘five-steps’ to fix your life because I know that there is nothing about you that needs fixing.
I do however have plenty of ways to keep your mind occupied and distracted while we get on with the only thing that truly shifts your experience of life and that is the conscious awareness which comes from being 100% in the here and now with you in a space of no judgment and full compassion.

My private one-on-one sessions provide a space where I guarantee that you will, with a committed practice move back into integrity with yourself. I know that you have every answer to every problem within you already. It comes down to how much you will listen to what you know and feel to be true and follow it through. I support you to ‘clean out the rubbish’ so that you re-gain the clarity that’s always been there.

And, most importantly, I know and love who I am and what I do so I understand that it is possible for everyone to experience this, regardless of your starting point!

I am available online once-a-week on Skype or telephone if this speaks to you and feels like what you are looking for.
I will support you to see why you can’t afford not to begin this journey back to your CoreTruth rather than me wasting our time convincing you that you need it. Please simply send me a private message to to arrange a time to speak.

Much love to you x

Conscious relationships…

Conscious relationships…

Conscious relationships – Imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with a foundation of unconditional love. Where each person takes responsibility for the whole of the relationship and how they experience it. Where neither look to each other to complete themselves but each stand in their own clear and powerful expression of themselves and simply choose to love and connect with the other. Where each chooses to support the other to be the greatest version of themselves they can be beyond any conventional idea of commitment and social ideal.

Our relationships are such an enormous part of our lives. They are the perfect ground for our highest moments of joy and bliss and also for the complete opposite. They can inspire and energise us or have the capacity to distract, overwhelm and bring up all kinds of uncomfortable emotions.

Conscious relating sees each individual as whole and powerful without a need for one another. It holds a space which means that there is no room for blame and judgement of each partner for not having what is expected. It debunks the common idea of 50/50 relating which can only lead to expectation, disappointment and resentment.  It creates a strong platform for honest and upfront communication which paves the way to heart connection and acceptance.

Whether you are a couple who are experiencing conflict and trouble, or simply reaching a place which feels limited or stagnant then consider CoreTruth sessions as a powerful foundational approach to relating which turns how we generally look at coupleship on its head. It is different to conventional ‘couples counselling’ as it doesn’t look to manage or apportion blame for what is happening in your relationship but rather supports each individual to get clear and consciously choose how they would like to be in relationship to the other and commit to that. It shows that for change to occur in the relationship, the change must be an individual choice and action.

There is a minimum commitment of 6 months for this program which provides the arena for true, foundation shifting love!

Each couples situation and requirements are different and there will be a mix of individual and joint sessions however usually it requires 1x 1hr session per individual, held weekly.

To be considered for the 6 month Conscious Relating program it is a requirement to have an initial meeting to connect and ensure that this is a suitable way forward for you. Please contact me to arrange an informal consultation which is complimentary with no obligation to commit.

“Despite our passion for romantic love, relationships are not the easiest way to find love and peace. They are, however, one of the most effective for finding our blocks. 

Relationships naturally bring out into full view our desires, attachments and unconscious programs – our likes, dislikes, belief systems, judgments, compulsions, conformities, etc. Relationships challenge us because they take us deep into thoughts, feelings and experiences we have suppressed for a lifetime. That’s why they provide the very best arena for personal growth! 

“Human relationships are the perfect tool for sanding away our rough edges and getting at the core of divinity within us.” -Eknath Easwaran