The Cause of all Disharmony…

The cause of all disharmony lies within… Therefore don’t waste your precious time and energy on trying to resolve things on the outside, or at least understand that for lasting peace and happiness, the inner work is vital. DW ❤️

Where’s my stuff?!!

Where’s my stuff?!!

You’ve heard that you can have whatever you truly desire…. so why isn’t it here?

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

Why aren’t things happening for me?

Why haven’t I got the job I think I deserve?

Why haven’t I got enough money?

Why can’t I find the right relationship with someone I love?

Why does it happen for them but not for me?

I often meet people who are jaded about their dreams and wishes not manifesting, “why isn’t the stuff I want showing up?” – “I’ve tried everything, positive thinking, workshops and coaches, online courses, affirmations, law of attraction, psychic readings, shamanic healings, acupuncture, …..” And the list goes on, in fact, I’m sure you can add to the list yourself!!

What I found through my own long and thoroughly exhaustive trialling and testing of different modalities and strategies is one vital distinction that most people miss.

Are you prepared to RECEIVE that which you are asking for? And I mean TRULY prepared and ready to receive what you want.

There are a few things I have observed when exploring the manifestation process for myself and in those I work with. BEWARE as some of them are illusion shattering and fiercely to the point! After all, the Truth isn’t all lovey dovey sunshine and lollipops!

* First and foremost, if whatever you are asking for is not in accordance with Who You Are, it WILL NOT HAPPEN. You can try and push and manipulate something to happen as much as you like in this 3D reality but at best you will not be able to enjoy your efforts and you’ll feel exhausted.
* Wishful and hopeful energy is effectively lying to yourself.
* No-one has the answers you require, only you have. Do whatever it takes to move beyond fear and doubt so get to those answers. Someone like me can support you to clear the clutter and confusion but you have to be committed to your process above all else.
* Are you behaviours consistent and in alignment with what you want?
* Your power lies in all the things you fear the most….and fear is an illusion used by the perceptions you make up about yourself and the world. If you are serious about welcoming in bigger experiences, money, creativity, loving relationships, you MUST keep expanding your sense of what is possible for you. Find the uncomfortable edge.
* What ‘works’ for someone else is unlikely to ‘work’ for you. Again it takes discovering YOUR way. And that’s part and par of the course, the discovery and remembering of Who You Are is challenging and thrilling at the same time.
* Knowing something intellectually doesn’t equate to having it be integrated and authentic to you. Therefore you don’t get the benefit of that knowledge until you have EXPERIENCED it and it is authentic to you.
* Having the things you love come your way or not has nothing to do with good or bad luck or fate. Neither does being a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person!
* If you have not done the work to LOVE YOURSELF, TELL THE TRUTH to yourself and taken responsibility for everything that has shown up in your life so far, you will not be ready to receive the fullness and richness of what you desire.
*The more you are authentic and ‘in tune’ with Who You Are, the more you will experience synchronicity, flow and joy.

So are you truly ready to receive? Are you willing to put in the practice and effort that is required to expand and embrace the Truth of Who You Are? It is not wishy-washy or woo-woo as some may believe it to be. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted but it is worth it. For you to know yourself as an unlimited, infinite being, there’s work to be done and you could almost say that it’s a privilege. But as someone reading this, it is YOUR invitation, otherwise, you wouldn’t find yourself reading this right now!

There is nothing and no-one in the way of what you really would love, even if it looks that way.

So now you know at least some of the common “blockages” you will come across when you go for what you want. If you are fed-up of short-lived changes and fixes that only serve to keep you on the hamster wheel of life, give me a call and let’s talk. I work with people who are serious about living a fully expressed life filled with what they love…are you one of them?

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Calling all new paradigm leaders!

Calling all new paradigm leaders!

The underlying system of the current political, business and government structure is fundamentally flawed. I was having this conversation with my friend this week who was telling me about the latest split happening from inside our local Sydney city council. Apparently “independents’ are no longer independent enough and now yet another faction with differing opinions has emerged and at a time where there is a cry out for unity and interconnectedness.

He said that for a leader to be a leader it has to be about ego and I agreed with him in this case. Not because any particular individual is coming from ego or not,(although mostly they appear to be), but because of the SYSTEM we have chosen that sets the game rules in the first place.

Any attempt, no matter how full of good intention and consciousness a person can have as they enter the ‘game’, to try and steer a new path will ultimately be fruitless. Any appearance of change and transformation from within that structure is short-lived.

Just take a look at the quote below about the recent purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon in the United States as a perfect example:

“Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods does to organics what Uber did to the sharing economy: it takes something that was born out of a different economic logic (a grocery store dedicated to healthy food) and then molds and morphs it to fit into an economic operating system that is firmly based in the old paradigm—i.e. in a paradigm that aims for world domination rather than serving a goal of shared prosperity and well-being for all.” Otto Scharmer
Co-founder u.lab, Senior Lecturer, MIT
(Full article link:…/40-lab-the-future-of-food-f…)

The problem is that over time we get frustrated and jaded with our leaders and the circumstances we find ourselves in….over and over again. It compounds the feeling of powerlessness and causes in the majority of human beings, a seething resentment and a feeling of paralysis and political fence-sitting.

What is needed is a willingness to step out of the current paradigm, or game and create a new one. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it but after many years of supporting people to shift their paradigms and discover leadership in a totally new way, quite frankly it challenges us to our very core. For any of us to step up and make a stand for a new way of doing things, we open ourselves up to potential fear, ridicule and shame. And this is why we remain within the safety of the existing game. But just because it is challenging and confronts us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make that shift and quite frankly with current world events, we don’t have the luxury of hiding away from the responsibility.

By continuing to sit in the current system, we cannot become aware of how rich the reward is when we do challenge ourselves to go outside the norm. It calls on us to be renegade, free-thinking and unique. It challenges us to continually live on the edge of comfortable and uncomfortable for it is on this leading edge that true creativity emerges. It doesn’t happen when we look for our solutions from what is already part of the ‘game’. It feels expansive, alive and full of insight. New paradigm leadership notices synchronicity and connection and moves towards shared prosperity and well-being for all.

We have global examples of these new paradigm style of leaders coming to light. Presidents Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and José Alberto Mujica. It will remain to be seen if they truly head up this new paradigm or if they fall prey to operating from within the flawed, fix, change and improve paradigm but at least they are a massive push towards a fundamental shift.

As a reader of my blogs you will know that my perspective is that any shift of system or structure can only begin from within YOU. When we sit and wait for it to happen outside of us, it only adds to the feeling of powerlessness and frustration. My invitation to you is to discover what your SOUL is all about, what you as a new paradigm leader could contribute. And if that means the choice to challenge the fearful conversations and beliefs that lay in you and stretches you to go outside your comfort zone, then DO IT with all your might. As the adage goes, ‘this (life) isn’t a rehearsal!’

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Good morning gorgeous people! This word popped into my mind on my morning walk… Re-soul-ution!

Definition: RE-SOUL-UTION …bringing soul back into the conversation to discover resolutions to challenges.

I wonder what would happen if we started using Facebook, Twitter or any of the well known social media platform to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS? or to SUGGEST CREATIVE RESPONSES to local and global issues? What if instead of the BITCHIN’ MOANIN’ and COMPLAININ’ that focuses on the obvious end results of fear, greed and ego that we contribute to the INSPIRED RESOLUTIONS (Re-soul-utions!) to these matters.

Clearly its time to upgrade our expectation of ourselves and our responses to things. We are the ones who choose our whole reality and its from this place of cause that we can exact powerful shifts and changes in our lives and therefore the lives of those around us.

I read a report recently that it is a proven fact that if you are a regular user of Facebook, that your general state of happiness DECREASES. And I say NO💩  SHERLOCK! if you are using the platform as a vehicle to vent and air your powerlessness and frustrations on your FB community. This isn’t Facebooks ‘fault’, it is simply a platform, neither good nor bad, its ELECTRONICS offering a service that can be used to share whatever. Use this amazing platform as a vehicle for your inspiration, to stimulate and provoke expansion and evolution.

So why not bring consciousness to what you are ‘liking’, ‘posting’ and ‘sharing’. And instead of sitting behind the safety of the screen, BE AUDACIOUS, SHARE YOUR WISDOM and not your victimhood or persecutions. And while you are at it, remember that underneath it all, everyone has their own answers within them so NO-ONE needs your advice or needs rescuing. Instead share your BIG, BEAUTIFUL HEART and train your attention on soul-lutions!!!

Speak up gorgeous leaders of love and set the bar higher. Surround yourself with fellow people who choose to elevate the conversation, it’s easier that way.

DW x

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The benefit of taking the path less travelled…

The benefit of taking the path less travelled…

Your head will never understand or be able to rationalise why doing what you truly love will align you with flow and bring you exactly what you require.

Today I have had sessions with clients who have shown themselves by putting themselves out there and choosing the more audacious choice that was in front of them. None of them, in the moment, could make sense of why their gut feeling was telling them to take such an edgy more but most importantly, they went ahead. I supported them with their challenge and all the headstuff that came up and reminded them that this discomfort is part of the deal when it comes to following your intuition, your feeling.

The commonality I noticed today across them all was simply how alive and free and energetically ATTRACTIVE they were. Their physical bodies reflecting this in their skin, how they spoke and their general way of being.

So I wonder how this can be speaking to you?

What feeling are you sitting on and not following up on because you are feeling fearful? Or perhaps your head can’t make sense of whatever it is and pushes it down?

Maybe you are one of the many people I come across who have convinced themselves that they don’t know what they love or what makes them feel alive?

I invite you to give me a call. My love is to support people to gain clarity where there is confusion and certainty where there is doubt. I promise that you will have an experience of yourself living your life in ways you only dream about.

Oh and while I have your attention, I have had great news from the stunning private villa complex where the CoreTruth Bali Retreat will be held in April saying that I have access to another 2 bedrooms….. so if you have been sitting with a feeling that you would love to be part of it, give me a call and I’ll let you know more! One of those bedrooms could be yours : ))

Ponder on this…

Ponder on this…

I hear the rather overused expression, “I just need to let it go.”

Can you ever really ‘let go’ of anything?

What I find is that it’s more like whatever it is that we are trying to let go of, lets go of us the more we expand our awareness. x