Where’s my stuff?!!

Where’s my stuff?!!

You’ve heard that you can have whatever you truly desire…. so why isn’t it here?

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

Why aren’t things happening for me?

Why haven’t I got the job I think I deserve?

Why haven’t I got enough money?

Why can’t I find the right relationship with someone I love?

Why does it happen for them but not for me?

I often meet people who are jaded about their dreams and wishes not manifesting, “why isn’t the stuff I want showing up?” – “I’ve tried everything, positive thinking, workshops and coaches, online courses, affirmations, law of attraction, psychic readings, shamanic healings, acupuncture, …..” And the list goes on, in fact, I’m sure you can add to the list yourself!!

What I found through my own long and thoroughly exhaustive trialling and testing of different modalities and strategies is one vital distinction that most people miss.

Are you prepared to RECEIVE that which you are asking for? And I mean TRULY prepared and ready to receive what you want.

There are a few things I have observed when exploring the manifestation process for myself and in those I work with. BEWARE as some of them are illusion shattering and fiercely to the point! After all, the Truth isn’t all lovey dovey sunshine and lollipops!

* First and foremost, if whatever you are asking for is not in accordance with Who You Are, it WILL NOT HAPPEN. You can try and push and manipulate something to happen as much as you like in this 3D reality but at best you will not be able to enjoy your efforts and you’ll feel exhausted.
* Wishful and hopeful energy is effectively lying to yourself.
* No-one has the answers you require, only you have. Do whatever it takes to move beyond fear and doubt so get to those answers. Someone like me can support you to clear the clutter and confusion but you have to be committed to your process above all else.
* Are you behaviours consistent and in alignment with what you want?
* Your power lies in all the things you fear the most….and fear is an illusion used by the perceptions you make up about yourself and the world. If you are serious about welcoming in bigger experiences, money, creativity, loving relationships, you MUST keep expanding your sense of what is possible for you. Find the uncomfortable edge.
* What ‘works’ for someone else is unlikely to ‘work’ for you. Again it takes discovering YOUR way. And that’s part and par of the course, the discovery and remembering of Who You Are is challenging and thrilling at the same time.
* Knowing something intellectually doesn’t equate to having it be integrated and authentic to you. Therefore you don’t get the benefit of that knowledge until you have EXPERIENCED it and it is authentic to you.
* Having the things you love come your way or not has nothing to do with good or bad luck or fate. Neither does being a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person!
* If you have not done the work to LOVE YOURSELF, TELL THE TRUTH to yourself and taken responsibility for everything that has shown up in your life so far, you will not be ready to receive the fullness and richness of what you desire.
*The more you are authentic and ‘in tune’ with Who You Are, the more you will experience synchronicity, flow and joy.

So are you truly ready to receive? Are you willing to put in the practice and effort that is required to expand and embrace the Truth of Who You Are? It is not wishy-washy or woo-woo as some may believe it to be. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted but it is worth it. For you to know yourself as an unlimited, infinite being, there’s work to be done and you could almost say that it’s a privilege. But as someone reading this, it is YOUR invitation, otherwise, you wouldn’t find yourself reading this right now!

There is nothing and no-one in the way of what you really would love, even if it looks that way.

So now you know at least some of the common “blockages” you will come across when you go for what you want. If you are fed-up of short-lived changes and fixes that only serve to keep you on the hamster wheel of life, give me a call and let’s talk. I work with people who are serious about living a fully expressed life filled with what they love…are you one of them?

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The humble journey…

The humble journey…

Humbleness along with gratitude and appreciation for all of what is happening (Yes! even the hard and stinky stuff!) are key pieces of the puzzle to living a happy and joy-filled life.


I often mention to my clients about the need to be humble when on a path of self discovery and awareness. Here’s a great quote from Mahatma Gandhi that relates to this:

“The seeker after Truth should be humbler than the dust. The world crushes dust under its feet, but the seeker after Truth should so humble himself that even dust could crush him. Only then, and not until then, will he have a glimpse of Truth.”


What I find is this can often be misconstrued by the head and equated to being or playing small. After all, it’s insulting for the intellect to think this way!


Another way of looking at the word humble is simply having a complete and utter willingness and openness to challenge and question everything we have been told is truth.


To be able to embrace the truth of who you are you have to be willing to shift your perspective or as I put it, your whole context or paradigm in order to be able to experience it.


For some, the pull inside to know who they are in Truth has come as a result of tragedy or near death experience of some sort. That isn’t my experience. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by human beings and the way we think and operate.My journey has been more like a dog on a scent , sometimes a feint whiff and other times and undeniable heady scent of knowing that things are not as they appear. The key questions that have plagued mankind for as long as we have existed filled my mind…

Who am I ?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose ?

Do they fill yours from time to time?


I agree with a great teacher of Truth, Robert Scheinfeld that in our current level of consciousness, the majority are not capable of knowing the Truth, collectively we are still working through so much unconsciousness and ego perception. But what we can do is share a context or a model which points toward the Truth and experience it enough through our bodies that we can benefit and get practical value from it in our daily lives.


This is what I am excited by and why I do what I do with CoreTruth coaching. I work with people who have an itch, an inkling or even a downright urge to follow the feeling inside that tells them that there is more to life than being on the hamster wheel. There’s more to life than the 2.4 kids and a mortgage and endless consumerism that’s designed to keep us numb and disconnected from what is true and what really brings us joy.


So it really comes down to that point, are you willing to change your perspective, your world view in order for you to be open (be humble) to knowing who you truly are. If you can feel that urge, the gritty feeling of discontent with how you are living your life as you enter a new year, then perhaps it’s time to put aside your doubts and fears and choose to be humble in the true sense of the word.


Is this speaking to you? Give me a call, I’d love to hear from you. 😄

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This isn’t the time to be spiritually passive…

This isn’t the time to be spiritually passive…

We each have a way to respond to the craziness of the world we have created from unconsciousness. We are not powerless though we may have feelings of powerlessness.


We are each able to take full responsibility for the way we turn up in our lives and are always able to choose love over fear if we make a practice of it.


It is a lazy habit to be on auto pilot and stay in our comfort zones. Fighting fire with fire is not the answer as our history shows. True and lasting transformation can only ever come from doing the inner work that is necessary to wake up to who you are and relentlessly challenge fearful and small behaviours.


It’s one thing to wake up and a whole other thing to take action upon that new awareness. I call that spiritual passivity and have been that way before and also see it in the “spiritual hashtag” community over the years.


It’s a misconception that a spiritual standpoint is a passive, observing view. Taking responsibility for awareness also means having the wisdom to know when to take action and put your weight behind something that calls you to and to have any action you take be fueled with conscious, loving awareness.


Marianne Williamson has in my humble opinion nailed it in her latest Huffington Post article. Here’s a snippet and also a link to the full article.


“Spiritual seekers should not be infantile, fuzzy-brained, naive observers merely standing on the sidelines with nothing to contribute but loving hashtags while the world community faces an unprecedented crisis. Quite the opposite, we should be major factors in healing the crisis. Understanding the spiritual dimensions of the problem, we can contribute to the spiritual dimensions of its solution. Given that any reasonable person can recognize the absolute inadequacy of purely rationalistic thinking to strategize a genuine solution to the problem of ISIL and the Islamist fundamentalist jihad, spiritual insight is not only essential — it is pivotal — to providing an answer to the problem.”




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“You have all that’s required within, you have just allowed things to cloud you from that truth. ”


What would it take for you to Be Fully Expressed?

What would it take for you to Be Fully Expressed?

What do you feel and what does it look like when you think of living a Fully Expressed life?


What would it take for you to Be Fully Expressed?


Over the past 14 years, I have focused my attention on what that means to me and have dedicated my life to the quest of knowing who I truly am underneath all the roles and responsibilities I have in my life. And through my interaction with fellow truth seekers and my own clients who I support on their journey of remembering who they are, the common theme I see is that we are all looking to live a fully expressed life.


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Find the space of love within…

Find the space of love within…

I became aware of a heaviness within – a slowing up – upon hearing the news that came from our government yesterday that blocked the free vote on marriage equality. I recognized it as the feeling I get whenever I become conscious of a choice made from fear and fuelled with the dynamics of power and control and the resulting feeling of powerlessness.

Ultimately I am aware also that this too must be seen as an opportunity to remind myself, those around me and whom I work with, that there is a bigger picture playing itself out and not to get lost in the emotions of disappointment and anger towards Tony Abbott and his allies. We are part of a flawed system and as such it makes no sense to give it so much energy. What appears to be happening is always what happens when ego goes into battle with ego- it’s why wars happen and why so many of the choices that our current government are making, seem crazy and downright dangerous. Ego always wants to be right and so there’s never a winner.

It’s a tough call to make here, but essential if we are to rise in our consciousness and not fall prey to adding to this war. At times like this we must dig deep and do the work that’s required to find the space of love within. To realize that to hate and blame and judge Tony Abbott will only increase the stalemate situations we find ourselves in. To see beyond the external and personal wrapping he comes in and observe instead the role he is playing for us all. To stop looking for him and his supporters to change and to stop acting from fear and instead ruthlessly do that in each of our own lives and in our own ways. Tony Abbott (and others in our recent history such as George Bush, Francisco Franco and Benito Mussolini) and the way he is governing is a reflection of what we collectively are UNconsciously choosing.


If we were to each stop and ask ourselves some of the harder questions from a place of personal responsibility;

– For what purpose am I being served by having a leader in power who is behaving this way ?…Is it because I don’t believe I have the power myself and therefore must “outsource” it to others?

 -How is it I am contributing to what is happening, even if I didn’t personally vote for the coalition government?…am I not speaking up about what is true for me? 

and most importantly, if I can take my attention away from playing the blame game with the government, where can I focus my attention that will shift this current experience? 

There is another theme I notice with these people in power, the time where they appear to be at their most powerful is simultaneously the time where they are most disapproved of publicly. In their outrageous display of censorship and misuse of power, unwittingly the lose their true power by ignoring the opportunity to dialogue, conciliate and negotiate and truly represent the collective. What is that all about? 

Perhaps the emotions that are stirred up by people who push our buttons in this way are there as fuel. Fuel to step up and out of complacency. By them acting exactly the way they do, in fact creates an opening, a calling if you like for the new leader of love to stand out. In fact we can see it already in some of the reportage today, messages of love and support from people who are also in positions of power and influence politically. Taking action from love is imperative but also it’s critical to remember that everything which is occurring and has occurred up until now is contributing to the impending tipping point in our global political structure….and THAT’S the exciting part!

The passage from fear to love can feel incredibly arduous and long and often filled with seeming potholes and disappointments but along that pathway we expand and learn so much about ourselves and each other. But getting caught up in the story and allowing it to decide how you feel is not a road to peace of mind. When the stuff going on around you is crazy and desperately trying to rob you of your happiness, its a time to go to work! Relentless practice to focus your attention and bring yourself back into the here and now of your life, being present to what is in the moment and following the inspiration there because it’s that inspiration that gets lost when the thoughts get loud. It’s up to you to remember to choose how you are feeling and find that unshakeable place amongst the noise.

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