I have just come from a Skype conversation with a man I met online two years ago. He is a very handsome and successful businessman who lives in a beautiful part of the U.S West Coast. I hadn’t heard from him in what must be a year now and I was delighted to reconnect with him again. I want to share with you an excerpt from our conversation and also share the insight into how he is only one of so many people I know who complain of the same thing…..RELATIONSHIPS…or lack thereof.  His story and the story of so many goes a little like this: ( I  have obviously edited any specific references and removed his name to ensure confidentiality.)

David: Its beautiful- now turning to Autumn so its a bit chilly when I get up to do my early morning classes- Are you single still/again?
d: single…..you?
David: yes me too- some dating has occurred /does occur from time to time
David: : )
d: what you doing these days?

David: I’m still coaching my own business – CoreTruth
d: great!
David: enjoying life and its challenges
d: I haven’t met anyone substantial unfortunately…just some players and liars…
David: mmmmm it can be a challenge for sure
d: it has been for sure
David: the thing that has changed my paradigm around everything to do with relationship, is that I know now that everyone I attract in reflects me- everything they are representing is also in me- BIG change once I got that
David: no room for playing the victim of circumstance or people anymore
d: it’s alright though for me…I’m done really trying…I’m just gonna live and see what or who happens
David: cool
David: so long as you havent ‘given up’ and have guarded your heart
d: I guarded my heart along time ago….
d: I don’t trust easily
d: but I have definitely been taken advantage of
d: I’m a nice guy whos pretty honest….guess that’s not standard
David: mmmm makes it difficult to recognise when a potential comes in because you are looking through a distorted lens
d: definitely true
David: this is coming from my own experience by the way!
David: I wouldnt be able to talk about it with clients otherwise
David: not with authenticity anyway
d: I have built such a life around me that I feel it would be hard for anyone to see themselves being able to fit in….
d: I’m waiting for the person strong enough and who cares enough to knock those walls down
d: we shall see handsome
David: why should he have to do that?
David: isnt that something you could do?
d: I suppose
d: I think maybe I intimidate people
David: dont you want someone to be open hearted and loving towards you?
d: of course I do
David: then I also have learned that if I want that from someone, I MUST do that first, even if it scares me
David: I must turn up BEing who I would like to be with
d: I don’t know how to do that
David: it only takes the desire to
David: you dont need to know the how
d: interesting concept
David: the ‘how’ will come , the more you commit to you and your process
David: the more you commit to deconstructing your walls
David: no matter how challenging and hard it appears
d: to be honest I’m at a place where I’m trying to figure out exactly who I am
d: I like me…basically…but I have some distance to grow and present myself authentically
David: we all do
David: we lose ourselves in order to re-acquaint
David: its all part of the process
David: maybe theres a reason why you and I have connected again…..
d: sure…..
David: go and take a look at www.CoreTruth.com.au and see whether it resonates- the thing is, either it will or it wont, but it definitely feels to me like its your time, for you to focus on you. (on the inside)
d: yes sir
David: If you continue to look for trust ‘out there’ in something or someone else, you are giving away your power- no wonder then, people can let you down or leave you wary and suspicious
David: Hahahaha am i sounding like a sargeant major?! ( We don’t use the term Sir very often here!)
d: you are…..
d: I like it…and I appreciate it
d: there’s just something very real and grounded about you
David: anyway- its no pressure- I feel its an exciting time you have ahead of you if you choose- it may feel scary and a bit uncertain but its all moving you towards a freer experience of life
d: thank you! really
d: thanks for the faith….
David: and we can Skype again soon
d: I will
d: thank you David
d: Have a good day….smile big!
David: ur welcome : )
The experience my friend is having is so typical of the way the general population of the world looks at relationship and shows up the expectations we place on others to ‘do the work’. With such assumptions as these, how is it any wonder that we shut off and blame the world?
  • Prove to me that you love me enough to put up with my barriers and guarded behaviour’s, break them down so that I can really feel that you truly love me. ( A.K.A I don’t love me so I’m going to give you the Herculean task of not only loving yourself but doing it for me too, and I will need you to continually do and be that for me until you don’t have the energy left and then I can blame you for the breakdown of our relationship!)
  • I’ve been hurt and taken advantage of  before so I’m going to expect that you will do the same. (A.K.A Isn’t it strange that often we meet what appears to be a different person each time and yet after a while, they start to act up the same way that we don’t like….. mmmmm and the common denominator is who?? )
  •  I don’t know who I really am, but I expect you to know and do the right thing by me! (A.K.A  I expect you to predict everything that I want, even when I don’t know what that is myself – and give it to me all the time, exactly when I want it. You need to be able to mind-read and take responsibility for every communication, both verbal and non-verbal and take a good thrashing when you don’t get it right , OR I change my mind, which is frequently!)
  • Its going to take someone really special to ‘fit into’ my life ( A.K.A Compromise! right from the start you are going to have to compromise to have me! I’m going to make it really difficult to be with me and you are going to have to stick around no matter how much I turn up like an idiot and continue to do the things which keep me single!)
  • I’m happy enough as I am- I don’t need someone, – but secretly I do – but I shouldn’t need someone, I’m stronger than that!- but it really would be nice to have someone to snuggle up to- all my friends have partners- but I like my freedom!- but what about sharing and loving?-but i have to put up with someone being in my space………..AAARGH! ( A.K.A Confusion! Drama! Too hard! I give up!)
When you start to own up to the truth of what you are really saying, in amongst the words you  are using, at the layer of energy, its no longer surprising that you are not getting what you think you want. But you can be sure that you are experiencing, or getting what it is you really want. If you can accept and acknowledge this truth, as painful as it may feel, then the opportunity to choose something new comes forth. In other words, if you can accept that whilst you may be hoping or wishing that you have a special person in your life, the fact that he/she isn’t there is because the whole of you hasn’t yet chosen, or else they would be there already. That there is more truthful, and sometimes courageous conversation you need to have with YOURSELF before you can clear room to embrace another. Move to LOVE YOURSELF before you expect another to do it for you. Keep your heart open, NO MATTER WHAT. Take responsibility (not blame!) for any traumatic experiences you may have encountered and stand back with open arms in readiness for what you have asked for.