What if today, you paid attention and realised that everything that turned up in your life was actually here to support you? Every conversation, challenging, confronting, joyous or otherwise was for that purpose. All of it perfectly orchestrated to expand and evolve your awareness of who you are- your capabilities, your innate wisdom and powerfulness AND also your blind spots to these things.


How about we be mindful of this as much as possible today so that we can make more authentic and informed choices from the infinite energy that we are and not from the perception we hold of smallness and ‘not enough’ mentality?


I wonder what would happen if we keep our focus on this and give our attention to ourselves and how we feel about the choices and actions we are taking rather than concerning ourselves with what others are doing? Just for today, or even part of today…. and see what happens.


Happy Tuesday gorgeous people : )



Picture Credit: (https://www.flickr.com/photos/oneworldgallery/)