It’s easy to have your head convince you of separateness when you don’t have a practice of being present. The thoughts and emotions can take you over and convince you in an instant.

I’ve noticed this happening for many people particularly in the past couple of weeks where the tendency to buy into the story of fear and judgment has been strong. I feel a link between that and the increased amount of fearful media and spreading of propaganda which stirs up the primal fight or flight response in many.

Stepping out of the story and being selective about what you listen to and surround yourself with goes part of the way in building your resilience but also a practice of mindfulness and stillness is invaluable.

The more there is a critical mass of people choosing to drop out of their heads and into their feeling, the more we will be following what is true for us rather than following the pied piper blindly.

#courage #buyingintofear #presence