You’ve probably heard of the old adage, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”


I want to share a little about timing.


Of late I have noticed a lot of people absolutely feeling a Yes! or feeling to do something or to go somewhere or take action on something but then a WHOLE lot of backtracking, a whole load of holding off until ‘the right time’ or waiting for the fear to subside, or waiting for their head to to agree with their feeling happens.


May I be bold and say that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE ‘RIGHT’ TIME.


The right time is there and then- the moment that the feeling occurs to you IS the best time. There is only the now. All the doubt and backtracking and indecisiveness are just the games we play with ourselves by listening to our head!


I have an excellent example I can give you, one on my family members actually who will remain nameless (lol! you know who you are!). They moved into a new home back in the late 90’s and began looking at what they could do to improve the place and started by removing an old fireplace which was in the way of where the beautiful new large lounge they had purchased needed to go. SO out came the fireplace and instead of filling the hole up, they decided that the wall was probably going to be replaced by a new extension to the room so they would hold off for the right time. The couch was placed in front of the hole so no-one was the wiser- out of sight, out of mind.


Well, it’s now 2015 and guess what? YES you’ve got it! The hole is still there, 17 years later, enough time to do 4 renovations and extensions!


A life lived with a lot of WHAT IF”S, MAYBE’S, SHOULD’S, WOULD”S and MIGHT’S means you are letting fear run your life by avoiding mistakes, avoiding the present moment where all life is lived and the inevitable feeling of powerlessness that comes with it.


We have got so used to trying to get our head to agree to what our heart is telling us which can take forever- then you end up living a lot of NEVER.


Stop living your life waiting! Its only ever going to be your head trying to catch up with the infinite wisdom and knowing that your feeling has available to it.


Learn to move through the discomfort of change and following what you know deep inside is true for you.


Like the client who has lived 47 years of his life hiding who he was -or another who stays in a safe role at work which is prestigious but leaves her feeling empty and exhausted – or a self-confessed corporate high-flyer whose health had to get so compromised before she decided that she needed to do something differently. All of whom are now breaking out of the self-imposed restrictions and beginning to fully express themselves.


Living a fully expressed life doesn’t have to mean being the next Prime Minister (although perhaps it might!), it simply means rising above the story that your head dictates to you through the thoughts that you keep entertaining.


Let’s partner up for a period of time to support you to live your life in the here and now. To follow the inspired feeling that is within you. To move with more clarity and focus to lead a life which is fully expressed… AND to stop waiting for the ‘right’ time, one of the biggest fallacies we keep getting fooled by.


You know who you are! I look forward to your call.

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