Have you ever noticed that the more attached you are to something needing to be a certain way, whether that be a thought you have about yourself, a point of view or a thing, 1. It gives you something that you feel the need to defend and 2. Gives something for other people to react against and either agree with if you are ‘lucky’ or disagree with which causes conflict.

So why set yourself up? When you are caught in the pendulum of attachment and resistance, you are effectively saying that you are not OK with or without whatever it is you are held on to or pushing away. Truth is, you are not defined by what you have or the role you think you need or by your intellect or anything outside of you. So perhaps the ‘tools’ you can use to break free from continually creating the  anxiety, drama and conflict which comes from attachment are:

  • Remember who you are and learn to accept that you are whole and perfect here and now with nothing missing or needing fixing by anything outside
  • Let go of the need to defend your position, after all why would you need anyone to agree with you if you yourself are certain?
  • Acknowledge that although there is one Truth, we all have many different ways of connecting and experiencing that for ourselves.