One of the magic stages in creating the life that you truly love, which is fully expressed and alive, is the surfing the wave of MOMENTUM. Some call this FLOW. But what I have noticed is that it is a stage in the process where people get fooled the most by their head.

As Robert Fritz wrote about in his book, The Path of Least Resistance, where he shares the steps necessary to consciously create your life through the harnessing of tension, there are 3 key stages to the creative process:

GERMINATION- conception, the seed of an idea or inspiration which comes with lots of energy of excitement and enthusiasm.
ASSIMILIATION- embodying the vision of the idea which takes effort and diligence. The initial excitement of germination energy has dissipated and its about allowing the momentum to build with taking action and have it begin moving you towards what you have seen in your vision.
COMPLETION-acknowledgent and receiving the fullness of your vision manifest in your life.

When working with my clients, the place where they are most likely tempted to drop off is in the assimilation stage. They start becoming lazy with their practice or complacent with the results which start to occur and lose the feeling inside of appreciation and gratitude. They perhaps have managed to get some relief from their current circumstances, usually emotional relief or financial or relationship improvements have occurred and they doubt whether they need to continue.

All we have to do to look at where we have each fallen prey to this stage is to look at all the half finished projects we have around us. Half-written masterpieces, unfinished paintings, awesome business plans sitting in the drawer, all laying redundant. The excuses of ‘not enough time, not enough money, not enough ‘xxx’ (fill in the blank!), are the excuses we have rationalised that make us feel better but deep down just another opportunity to feel dissatisfied with ourselves.

Learning to harness the tension at this key stage of assimilation is vital to living a fully expressed life. Learning not to listen to the chatter monkey inside and continuing to take the one step that is always in front of us and not getting bogged down by the overwhelm of change and potentiality of the vision is equally vital.

If you can dig really deep at this stage and stay firmly planted in the here and now of your life and STAY PLUGGED IN, CONNECTED with what has been working for you, you stand the best chance of reaching the completion stage. The stage which still has its own hurdles to overcome but at least you have shown yourself that you have the capacity to bring what you love into reality.


…for those of you who are wondering why you keep dropping the ball of your vision and are confused about why,
…for those who keep telling themselves that there must be an easier way,
…for those who who feel like an island in their lives doing the hard yards alone

give me a call or private message me. I am looking for 4 seriously committed people to join my initial 3-month Coaching Partner Program who would love to surf the wave of momentum and build a solid foundation for 2016 and beyond. Sessions are held on Skype or FaceTime for those clients who are from overseas. I look forward to speaking with you.

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