Click here for My first video-log! Still getting used to it so please excuse any weird angles or googley eyes!! lol I’m excited to be sharing something with you before the end of the year and feel that is more important than getting it perfect!!

Step off for a few minutes and remind yourself of the peace that lies within…

Happy Festive season to my gorgeous clients, family and Facebook community- I wonder if you can spend a few minutes, especially at this time of the year to slow down and log-off from your thinking and worrying and enjoy what the present moment gives you.

I welcome any of you who may be looking for some support around releasing the habit of overthinking and addiction to drama so you can focus your attention on what really counts for 2016. Yes that’s right! We are alllll addicted in some way to the drama and entertainment which keeps us from being present and powerful.

I’m interested in working with those of you who no longer have the time and energy to keep on drifting and hoping and wishing that life will get better but who are ready to get into the driving seat of their lives and make a difference from within. I’m not talking about focussing on fixing and changing your circumstances, but rather remembering the authentic, real, ‘coretruth’ of who you are and bringing it out in the world. I’m talking about you showing yourself through your own life experiences how capable and powerful you truly are and no longer being satisfied with mediocrity. You’d be surprised how shifting your context really opens the gateway to the things you have only ever imagined and how differently life shows up to you when you get out of your own way and show up to it.

2016 has a lot in store for those who choose to come onboard, least of all with CoreTruth clients going to a retreat in a stunning private villa in a secluded location in Bali, Indonesia in April. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you come along too!

As we step into the germinational energy of a brand new year, how is it that I can assist you to gain the outcomes that you have chosen for yourself?

I’d like you to take seriously the invitation I am about to offer and feel the response within, before the thinking and limitation comes in.

In January I will be increasing the cost of my coaching partner programs. It’s clear that the end results that my clients have chosen and received from their commitment to themselves, in terms of relationships,business growth,financial shifts but most of all, peace of mind are undeniable.

To support those of you who have been feeling the urge to join me but haven’t for whatever reason come on board in 2015 and especially if money has been one of the reasons your head has come up with, now is the time. I will maintain this years pricing for anyone who is willing to make a deposit to secure a spot by 31st DECEMBER but you will have the freedom to press the start button anytime from 4th January until the 29th February 2016. Anyone who contacts me after 1st of January 2016 will be very welcome but will be at the new 2016 rate.

I look forward to sharing another insightful, expansive and satisfying New Year with you all and wish you all the experience of knowing the grounded and real experience of who you are and what you are truly capable of. Let’s make this year count!

With much love

David xxx

*This offer applies to old and new clients and for existing clients who would like to ‘top up’ their partner program.

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