People spend a lot of energy, time and money trying to work out WHY they feel the way they feel- they try to understand their resistance, their thinking, their patterns and self-sabotage.


When it comes down to it, for anyone who has been working on themselves in the world of personal development for a while, they will know that it always comes back to the same thing- the good old ‘not good enough’ stuff.


So its your choice, you can spend all your time, energy , money and keep experiencing the same old emotions going through your body each time you discover another subtle nuance, another version of the story in your head.


But Why? Why would you continue to do that if it always leads to the same place? Why would anyone keep doing that?
You’d have to stop at some point and ask yourself, what aspect of me is even doing this inquiry?


And when you realise that it is your own self critic, your own judge doing this inquiry, then you can see why you end up experiencing the same cycles of limitation and smallness time and time again.


What if you just stopped trying to work it out?


What if you just stopped needing to understand your pain, to understand your fear, to understand your resistance any more than you already do? and instead, remember to keep focussing your attention towards something else.
After all, we get what we focus on. We create what we focus our attention on. So if your attention goes onto resolving and understanding your fearfulness more and more, then what do you think you will get more of? An obvious question really, but lets just be clear here.


So, why don’t you and I work together to break that habit. Why don’t we work on short-cutting the pathway to feeling good and short-cutting the pathway to your innate magnificence and power. After all, as the saying goes, we are here for a good time, not for a long time! The time can only ever be now.



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