Across the ages, Kings and Queens and leaders of all kind have sought counsel from those around them who could offer a different view, a new way of viewing their circumstances or dilemmas. It is how leaders have grown and stretched themselves into more than they might’ve been or done by trying to do it alone. After committing to my own personal leadership for the past 12 years and absorbing the wise counsel of many other leaders in the field of personal transformation work I have first hand experience of just how vital this is. If you consider yourself to be in  a leadership role whether that be as a business leader or a family leader as a parent or even as someone who chooses their everyday life to be lived from a leadership space, ask yourself, who gives you wise counsel , who gives you time to open-up and be vulnerable and express how you are really feeling without judgement or trying to give you advise. Sometimes its important simply to have someone be present with you. Simple but essential if you are choosing to lead from heart and not just from your head.