Our words are so important. Not so much the words themselves but the energy which they contain. We often are aware that there is a mis-match between what someone is saying to us and what you FEEL they are saying.

I once had a very wise person say to me, “the meaning of your communication is the response you get.”  Wow, that blew me away!  You mean even when I thought I was being really clear and well-meaning, I was actually communicating something else?!  How potentially confusing!  Then I realised that a part of choosing to become more conscious was about me being mindful of what I was really saying, in between the words in the energy behind them.  Sometimes that meant slowing right down and being very considered, other times it flowed easily but the results on the outside are instant.

So if you find yourself being ‘misunderstood’ , maybe theres another way to look at what’s going on. One where instead of hoping or demanding that the other person who you are in communication with will change, you take a look inside and be honest with yourself and ask, I wonder what I really want to say here? what words would most truthfully get my point across?