I wanted to connect and share with you an insight I have had recently through my clients and also generally in my friendships and beyond. And that is that everyone seems to be waiting and hoping that soon there will be some space and time to just relax. That there will be time to stop and integrate what has been happening in their lives and things around them wont feel so hectic or rushed. I personally have felt it too, the relentless amount of ‘stuff’ that just keeps on coming to be dealt with or responded to and in double… (scrap that…quadruple time!)

It wasn’t until this week that my awareness came in and saw the pattern and could see what was really going on for myself and others around me. The truth is that IT WILL NEVER SLOW DOWN! There! its said. The unimaginable truth is out. We will not experience our lives getting simpler, nor will there be that utopian time and space that exists in our head where you will ‘catch up’ or ‘make sense’ or ‘get over’ anything. It is actually part of the problem to be habitually looking into the future for our salvation. The ‘when I… then I…’ syndrome is such a part of our way of looking at life and all it results in is a feeling of never getting there, never truly feeling satisfied and living life like a hamster on a wheel. Feel familiar?

So what is the real truth which is laying there to be embraced I hear you ask…(well some of you at least!) Well, first of all you must learn to accept that truth, that it will never slow down and drop the idea that your one or two week holiday will be enough to recharge you. In fact if you look at the findings of the Mayan calendar and how it describes the acceleration in consciousness which is occurring moment by moment to us all, it is only going to feel more challenging as we move forward into 2012.

Secondly, get present to what you are feeling! Understand that the reason why we fill our lives up with so much stuff is to avoid feelings, more especially to numb the uncomfortable ones but what we don’t realise that we cant selectively numb our feelings. When we numb one, we numb them all. So when we numb sadness, we also numb the ability to feel happy. Do whatever you can to learn about truth and who you really are. Commit to that and learn to drop into a place in you that is always aware, calm and able to deal with anything life has to offer. Do whatever it takes to shed limited ideas and stories and beliefs about yourself as you simply wont have the time and space for them if you choose to be connected to the longing to expand and evolve.

Thirdly, know that you will not need to be doing it alone and that you will require unconditional love and support as you learn new ways of being in life. And remember, shedding or letting go of anything can be challenging in your head but your body always FEELS lighter and it leaves room for something fresh.