For me, ROI is always going to be context driven. What I mean by that is that it very much depends on which view you come from. The owner/CEO of the business, the senior management team, the people at the coal face. Are you measuring financial return, skills return, inter-personal relationships, or happiness and satisfaction? I understand very well that in the world of business there is a great deal of pressure in looking for profit at any cost but I am witnessing a growing number of leaders in business moving away from relying only on fact and figures as a measure and instead are looking for how an outcome makes them and their team feel. I’m not talking about the light and fluffy feel good factor here but rather a deeper sense where you ‘just know’ that your time and money and focus has been well spent. Notice that I said not ‘relying only’ on facts and figures, which doesn’t mean ignoring them. A conscious and courageous leader learns how to walk the very thin line between both the rational AND intuitive so they don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.