I have no advice to offer you because I know that everyone has their own answers already.  But I do have the single, most important thing anyone can offer you and that is presence and non-judgment which allows you to enter the here and now of your life. The only place where anything happens.

Have you experienced that the more you think about fixing, changing and improving your world, your circumstances, your self, your financial situation etc, the more you move away from knowing peace and joy? Or when you reach what you thought would make you happy and content, the happiness is fleeting and you are left seeking more?

Just ask yourself, how often are you ever truly here? Who is living your life? You may say YOU are but whose ideas, or beliefs are you actually living out? Have you stopped at any point and got present to why you do, say or act the way you do? Maybe, just maybe NOW is the time.

I know that it comes as a big surprise for many people when I say that there is or will be nothing wrong with you or your circumstances! There’s nothing that can be added nor taken away from who you are either. Everything you ever need is inside of you already…BUT, here’s the kicker…how consciously aware of that truth within are you? and how could you ever experience living from that that unlimited space of deep truth,  when you habitually build and add to the very thing that keeps you from that knowing.

Your thinking is like a veil that hangs between you and the unlimited energy that is who you are. Its your unending (24/7) stream of thoughts, ideas and concepts which convinces you that you are small and not good enough. You’ll notice that they are always focussed on either the future or the past. They judge, criticise and protect. They measure, defend and resist. They cling, need and try. Most of them are repetitive and self-deprecating and above all things, they are all limited.

The “personal development” approach certainly has it’s place in the world and I have learned a lot from it for which I am deeply grateful, however it’s just not what I offer. It would be closer to say that CoreTruth is about “self- realization” and through the way I work with you, you realize the truth of who you are. Not me, or anyone has the power or ability to tell you what is right for you, only you can realize that from within. I realise that there is a big, multi-million dollar personal development industry out there focussed on adding to and fixing people because I have been on that journey myself for many years. This is because everyone is looking to compensate for not being enough, not feeling enough or not having enough. They are looking to make up for this sense of lack by comparing themselves and hoping that someone else will be able to wave a magic wand to fix them, and yet this only leads to building the illusion that there is something wrong with them in the first place, that they have somewhere to get to, some ideal or perfection in the future and so the cycle continues.
I know that you have the opportunity, albeit with much discipline, practice and commitment, to know and feel who you truly are NOW. This is the only place where you truly live your life. Indeed the only place where life lives through you. It’s simple, BE here in this moment, right now…and feel the aliveness sensations in the inner field of your body. Life cannot be lived anywhere else…just stop, feel the presence of who you are in this very moment. Each client’s experience of CoreTruth work is unique and I don’t work conventionally which means that your thoughts will find it difficult to plan, to strategise and work out the way I support you to go within to support yourself.

Whatever the reasons are that bring you to CoreTruth, they are all Ok because these are all opportunities to take a deeper look at yourself and your choices. In fact, you may already get the inkling that the only lasting place of joy, peace and contentment, which is who you are, lies within. Perhaps you have been on the self-development never-ending cycle of courses, products, 3 keys, 7 steps, 5 miraculous actions etc etc and still haven’t ‘got there’ and reached that peaceful feeling. There is no mistake that you are reading this.

I acknowledge that the journey inwards is not for everyone. To take your power out of the story around you and bring it back inside takes courage and a willingness to keep at it. One step in front of the other, gradually building your ability to be present in every moment. In that place of presence, you are supported and guided to an experience of everything without it depending or relying on anything, any role, any possession or person outside of you.