Working locally (on what happens within) makes a difference globally.

Each time I witness a client moving through their fearful perception and into a new expanded awareness, I feel a thrill within. For I realise in that moment that each time it occurs, the butterfly wings of awareness spread out and through everything globally. One more layer of darkness has lifted and light is restored.


So sometimes when people get caught up worrying or feeling powerless about how they could ever make a difference in the world, how little ol’ them could change the way that their country is being governed or the decisions that are being made by corporations, then I say that you must keep bringing your attention back to yourself and take responsibility for how you are showing up and how you are feeling. That is the way that you can contribute powerfully in creating the shifts you wish to experience and see in the world.


If you are waiting for things to change in your life story or are getting frustrated and feeling unable to deal with the circumstances around you, this is the time when you have forgotten the truth of who you are and just how powerful and capable you are. It’s also the time where we easily go into a cycle of self-sabotage, disgust, shame and victimhood and when we have that going on, we end up behaving in all kinds of inauthentic and limited ways.


So what are you prepared to do differently? instead of waiting.


How might you begin to bring your attention back to you and how you are turning up in life? instead of blaming others or circumstance for what’s happening.


In my experience working with my clients, shifting context in this way takes firstly the willingness to do it! It can also mean that things have got really hard in your life (that way, you’ll sit up and listen and want to make a change because its uncomfortable!) and it takes rigour and discipline as you break old habits and build new ones.


If you have been sitting with a feeling of frustration and feeling powerless, then maybe it’s time you stopped stalling and give me a call.There’s work to be done and fun to be had! I would love to partner up with you and support your new way of turning up.


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