Are you feeling trapped by your circumstances and feel anxious or overwhelmed​ (again!)​?

Do you keep breaking promises with yourself by saying you are going to do something and then don’t follow through?

Do you believe you have to have something in place, ticked off or accomplished BEFORE you can give attention to what you love?

Do you keep telling yourself that you can’t afford the money or time to follow your heart?

​With all due respect, ​I call this bullshit! and you’re only being held back by the bullshit you’re telling yourself, or by the bullshit spinning around your head.

I can help you cut through your bullshit.
Its just a bunch of old stories we have chosen to tell ourselves and we do it so often that it has become a habit.
Wouldn’t you prefer to experience the freedom of being in the driver seat of your life? The feeling of being empowered and clear and focussed in your choices? Would you like to be able to feel certain and unafraid of making the wrong decision? What would it feel like to play your own tune rather than squeezing yourself into someone else idea of who they think you should be?

I ask you, can you really afford NOT to step off th​ose​ old stories​ and discover a more authentic way of turning up in life.

​As the saying goes, if you keep doing the same things in the same way over and over, how can you expect anything different to happen. ​

Come and see me if you have had enough of saying one thing and then doing another. I will partner with you to shift these old habits and limitations you live with so you can get back into the groove of truth. I will support you to create and experience the life that you dream of.

If you feel the prickle of heat right now, an uncomfortable but undeniable feeling that its time for you, or a burst of yes! within, then send me a reply​ or call me so we can have a conversation and determine how I can support you to support yourself.