Are you noticing there’s a lot of FEISTY energy around at the moment? You know, that frustrated, agitated, slightly moody but not pissed off, worked-up but not downright angry stuff. I’ve noticed it around and also in the clients I support.

What I notice then is the judgment that comes up about being feisty!


“I’m spiritual and am not meant to be feeling anything other than peace!”
or “I shouldn’t be getting annoyed here but… (inferring that they are above that, or should be beyond it by now!)”


What’s so is that ‘feisty’ in itself isn’t a bad thing, or to be squashed or avoided. In fact I see it as absolutely necessary as you move towards birthing a new expression of yourself into the world. Whether that is a new art piece, a new business idea, a new way of being in the world. It’s about how you funnel your feisty that really counts. When you funnel your feisty, you are using that powerful creative energy and tension towards what you are being invited to bring out in the world.


This is a critical time to STOP and get present to what you are feeling. Notice what is happening around you…what is capturing your attention? what is inspiring you? where’s the animation in the room so to speak.


When you drop your judgment of the so called negative thoughts and emotions, you stop pushing it away and instead you practice self-reflection and ask what is this feistiness pointing towards in your life.


The very thing that is pushing our buttons and creating all this feistiness CONTAINS INSIGHT FOR YOU. It would be a shame to keep ignoring it or continue to relieve the tension. When you learn to harness that tension, that creative energy, powerful stuff happens.


If you are Mr or Mrs Feisty right now and would like to understand more about how to work with your feisty energy, then contact me to see how I can partner with you to bring focus and insight to what you are experiencing.


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