What I notice quite frequently with my clients is the resistance around at least one area of their life. Whether that be relationships, people who are pissing them off  – or career, a role that annoys them –  or themselves, not clever or skinny enough!

When I remind them that they are always at choice, no matter what the circumstances are around them, they are quick to agree on MOST things….but not THAT thing.  That one achilles heel  in their life where they really resist and dont want to take personal responsibility for choosing.

So what is it YOU obsess about and find a constant challenge or bone of contention? What can’t you accept is your choosing?

Now I get that its not easy to take responsibility at times and more especially when whatever we dont want to is causing us pain and frustration. After all, we are pleasure seeking missiles and at times that means it’s more more pleasurable to stick needles into ourselves than to face up to those really tough areas in our lives. (That’s the time when we use the saying ‘I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place’)

So how can you bring yourself into alignment with what you’ve chosen?

First of all you remind yourself that you aren’t always conscious of what you are choosing- thats why we are often surprised at what turns up in our lives and drives us crazy. But just because we aren’t conscious of what we are choosing doesn’t mean that we haven’t. And one tip – don’t keep looking for WHY you have chosen whatever it is, just act ‘as if’ you have and invite yourself to TRUST.  MMMmmmm the ‘T’ word!

Secondly, have a go at looking at how the situation serves you, what is DOES for you rather what it DOESN’T do for you. eg. How is it helping me to believe that I need to be wary and not trusting in relationship? What am I getting from believing that I have low self-esteem? What do I get as a benefit by playing the rescuer to my friends? This may take sitting down and getting present and being honest with yourself and NOT rallying the army of well-meaning friends and allies to gossip about your story. Only you can connect to the truth for you.

If you can accept the truth that you are the writer, director and videographer of your whole life and that you are always choosing from a loving and wise place inside of you, then you can begin to feel the power that it gives you. You leave the victim energy behind you and start wising up to what is really going on and what you would prefer to be experiencing and focusing on.

If this tweaks something inside of you and you are interested in learning more about this, please send me a message or click here and join me this coming Sunday. x