Are you ready to shift your context in 2015, from the old, habitual one where stuff happens to you and you have either good luck or bad luck to one that places you firmly in the driver’s seat of your life in order to experience your infinite power?

Now is often the time when people use the energy of the completion of one year to take stock and refocus on what they are wanting to experience. In my experience, people have one thing in common when it comes to living an authentic life they love and that is PEACE OF MIND. Think about it for a moment, if you had peace of mind right here and now, how would your perception of your problems change? Would they remain the same and take up all your headspace or maybe, just maybe you would see the myriad of problems with fresh eyes and perhaps even as opportunities.

This new view, or context shift isn’t going to be easy, lets be really honest here and say that nothing that is truly worthwhile is easy! All it takes though is a willingness to listen, truly listen with presence to your feeling inside. I’m not talking about the unstable, change like the weather emotions here, but the deeper, quieter feeling that we all have and know when we slow down enough to hear. This is where you will realize that you have whatever you are looking for already inside. That sounds like some woo-woo spiritual statement doesn’t it?! But unless you have given yourself a truly committed go at this self-realisation or conscious awareness path, then how would you know for sure?

I am opening up 5 more spaces for my one-on-one sessions to people who are ready to start January 2015 with fresh eyes and who are looking to be supported in their own authentic experience of true PEACE OF MIND. I am looking for people who are no longer content with mediocrity and a ‘fixing,changing, managing and improving’ view on life but rather a thirst for truly living their life from an authentic and powerful platform. For people who would like to be able to view their myriad of problems as opportunities and to find whatever they feel is missing.

Is this you? If so, please message me BEFORE 5pm Sydney, Australia time(GMT+11) on 31st December. I have a special festive season offer for a 10-session pack which will only be available until that time.


m: +61 411 878 205

Wishing you all a present, powerful, love-filled moment- right here and now, not in the future, but now! xxxx