Do you know that you walk around with a tape running in your mind saying a whole load of BLAH!  “You aren’t good enough- not really you know, but someday, one day, when….( you fill in the gaps!) When I’m in a relationship, when I have that promotion, when I have that house, car, baby. When I feel healthy and slim. The truth is that there is nothing at all outside of you that can possibly make you better , happier, more ok because this is Who You Are, you are already that. Now, having said that, we don’t always FEEL that way which is where all this drama starts. What we don’t realize is we are not our emotions, and yet we allow them to determine what we do and how we are in the world- we are led by them and have no or very little defense mechanism to them. The problem is that we have no emotional resilience. It’s through learning to view your life circumstances in a different light or through a different lens that you get to see a different reality. You drop playing the roles you feel you have needed to play in your life to connect into your authentic truth and a gradual and certain shift occurs. Through working with people in this way over the past 7 plus years, I have seen people’s self doubt be replaced with certainty, physical ailments alleviate and often leave. angriness turn to contentedness and anxiety to peace. (Personally I have felt my lack of direction and self doubt lift and be replaced with a strength of knowing inside of me, knowing which is there independently of what may be going on in my life. I love and respect myself to a degree I would never have felt possible prior to being introduced to this context.)