What if for just one day ( to start with!) we each chose to focus on PEACE. Just imagine it! The whole globe fuelling their minds, viewing their world and flavouring their choices with PEACE! After all, its pretty common knowledge nowadays that we get more of what we most focus on.


SO what is it you most focus on?


I have had a practice and one which I share with my clients which is to spend some time just after waking and before I get out of bed, focus on being present to what is occurring in my body.

‘Being present to’ doesn’t mean judge or analyse what is going on in your body- but simply becoming aware, observing what is going on with neutral perspective. Thats why its a practice, you need to practice!! It’s an old habit to allow our head to look for what’s wrong, what’s not going well, what needs fixing.


But gradually, with growing patience and discipline you can reach that neutral view and then your more conscious choice can be made. Choose to focus on something you love, something that brings you a sense of peace, joy, connectedness, aliveness, contentedness… and get reeeaaaaallllyy good at being able to shift your attention back to these no matter what your head distracting you with.

DW x


Picture Credit: (https://www.flickr.com/photos/alyssafilmmaker/)