Surprised (but not really : )!)

Surprised (but not really : )!)

How can I begin to share something that is of a regular occurrence with my clients but is one of the least tangible experiences had while coaching.

Sychronicity, magic, flow, confirmation, intuition, enlightenment, wonderment! are at least a few words that can at least point towards what happens when in a sacred place of presence and lightness.

I was with a old client the other evening having dinner and he was sharing about the developments happening in his life, in particular the business he started while we we in a coaching relationship 4 or 5 years ago. As he was speaking, I had a feeling to say that his business should now be shared to a bigger audience, he has done the hardest part of laying foundations and he now should get some press in particular with the Qantas magazine. He agreed and said that it had been in his mind to do that by the end of the year.

Fast forward and we were sat at the table enjoying the food and having a glass of wine and two striking ladies walked past and one said “Hello Mike!” to my client (not his real name) And they struck up a conversation. Mike asked “so what are you doing these days?” obviously she had been someone he knew from years back. To which she replied, “I’m now with Qantas, working with the Qantas magazine” (!!!!)

Now, no matter how long I have worked with my intuition, it just NEVER gets tired when things like that happen! She and her friend left, leaving Mike and I grinning from ear to ear at the magic that had happened. What made it even funnier was Mike said he hadn’t really recognised her but that he had smiled at her because he thought she had beautiful looking hair!! lol

Whatever it took to invite the conversation I guess!

This is a regular occurrence for those choosing to expand their consciousness and leverage off the interconnection that underpins our very existence. I know that it is this that keeps what I do fresh and alive because there’s no way that we could’ve planned for that to happen.

Keep an eye out for the synchronicities around you, these are the signposts we give ourselves that we are on track. If you are not noticing them, then perhaps it’s time you and I had a conversation to get things flowing 😉

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The benefit of taking the path less travelled…

The benefit of taking the path less travelled…

Your head will never understand or be able to rationalise why doing what you truly love will align you with flow and bring you exactly what you require.

Today I have had sessions with clients who have shown themselves by putting themselves out there and choosing the more audacious choice that was in front of them. None of them, in the moment, could make sense of why their gut feeling was telling them to take such an edgy more but most importantly, they went ahead. I supported them with their challenge and all the headstuff that came up and reminded them that this discomfort is part of the deal when it comes to following your intuition, your feeling.

The commonality I noticed today across them all was simply how alive and free and energetically ATTRACTIVE they were. Their physical bodies reflecting this in their skin, how they spoke and their general way of being.

So I wonder how this can be speaking to you?

What feeling are you sitting on and not following up on because you are feeling fearful? Or perhaps your head can’t make sense of whatever it is and pushes it down?

Maybe you are one of the many people I come across who have convinced themselves that they don’t know what they love or what makes them feel alive?

I invite you to give me a call. My love is to support people to gain clarity where there is confusion and certainty where there is doubt. I promise that you will have an experience of yourself living your life in ways you only dream about.

Oh and while I have your attention, I have had great news from the stunning private villa complex where the CoreTruth Bali Retreat will be held in April saying that I have access to another 2 bedrooms….. so if you have been sitting with a feeling that you would love to be part of it, give me a call and I’ll let you know more! One of those bedrooms could be yours : ))

Ponder on this…

Ponder on this…

I hear the rather overused expression, “I just need to let it go.”

Can you ever really ‘let go’ of anything?

What I find is that it’s more like whatever it is that we are trying to let go of, lets go of us the more we expand our awareness. x

Are you being a puppet for the drama energy in the room?

Are you being a puppet for the drama energy in the room?

Have you ever stopped to think about this?

Have you noticed when there is someone in a group, your family, at the office, in your friendships, that starts to complain or gossip, that energy more often than not gets transferred onto another person in the group. Maybe even you! One moment you were feeling fine and happy and the next you suddenly feel emotional, caught up and are feeling uncomfortable.

Whenever you aren’t present, you will find that it is almost impossible not to get caught up in the drama and circumstances around you.

Elkhart Tolle refers to this as ‘the pain body’ and I liken it to being like a virus.

So how can you stop the tendency of getting drawn into other peoples stories and emotions? The answer is one of those simple yet not easy things. You build your emotional resilience by learning to bring your complete and undivided attention into the here and now.

You don’t ignore or resist hanging around with people in case they draw you in but rather you learn how to hold your own space when you are around them. This way you not only keep yourself engaged and involved but at the same time don’t fuel the drama and unconsciousness by getting sucked in!

DW x

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The humble journey…

The humble journey…

Humbleness along with gratitude and appreciation for all of what is happening (Yes! even the hard and stinky stuff!) are key pieces of the puzzle to living a happy and joy-filled life.


I often mention to my clients about the need to be humble when on a path of self discovery and awareness. Here’s a great quote from Mahatma Gandhi that relates to this:

“The seeker after Truth should be humbler than the dust. The world crushes dust under its feet, but the seeker after Truth should so humble himself that even dust could crush him. Only then, and not until then, will he have a glimpse of Truth.”


What I find is this can often be misconstrued by the head and equated to being or playing small. After all, it’s insulting for the intellect to think this way!


Another way of looking at the word humble is simply having a complete and utter willingness and openness to challenge and question everything we have been told is truth.


To be able to embrace the truth of who you are you have to be willing to shift your perspective or as I put it, your whole context or paradigm in order to be able to experience it.


For some, the pull inside to know who they are in Truth has come as a result of tragedy or near death experience of some sort. That isn’t my experience. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by human beings and the way we think and operate.My journey has been more like a dog on a scent , sometimes a feint whiff and other times and undeniable heady scent of knowing that things are not as they appear. The key questions that have plagued mankind for as long as we have existed filled my mind…

Who am I ?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose ?

Do they fill yours from time to time?


I agree with a great teacher of Truth, Robert Scheinfeld that in our current level of consciousness, the majority are not capable of knowing the Truth, collectively we are still working through so much unconsciousness and ego perception. But what we can do is share a context or a model which points toward the Truth and experience it enough through our bodies that we can benefit and get practical value from it in our daily lives.


This is what I am excited by and why I do what I do with CoreTruth coaching. I work with people who have an itch, an inkling or even a downright urge to follow the feeling inside that tells them that there is more to life than being on the hamster wheel. There’s more to life than the 2.4 kids and a mortgage and endless consumerism that’s designed to keep us numb and disconnected from what is true and what really brings us joy.


So it really comes down to that point, are you willing to change your perspective, your world view in order for you to be open (be humble) to knowing who you truly are. If you can feel that urge, the gritty feeling of discontent with how you are living your life as you enter a new year, then perhaps it’s time to put aside your doubts and fears and choose to be humble in the true sense of the word.


Is this speaking to you? Give me a call, I’d love to hear from you. 😄

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make no resolutions

As we fast approach the beginning of a New Year, so many people start to talk about making resolutions that often end up putting your attention into the future … I’m going to invite you to do the opposite!


What if the whole thing about New Year’s resolutions was counter-productive and has been a tantalising trick of the mind?


  • Are you over all the judgment and expectation that comes with New Year?
  • Have you had enough of letting yourself down with failed promises?
  • Do you find yourself overcommitting to things, people or work?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to remember what is important to you and end up getting busy just to distract yourself?
  • Are you someone who spends a lot of time stuck in your head and paralysed by analysis?!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you do all that?

I ask those of you who make resolutions each year on 1st January, what is your experience of what happens when you set these type of goals? Do you actually experience transformation and lasting shifts in your behaviour? Or do you find that after a few days, weeks or if you are really tenacious, a month or two, the old behaviour you have been trying to change, re-emerges or something equally as annoying pops up to replace it!


The problem with most resolutions is that they sit in the old paradigm of fixing and changing behaviours which you judge as being wrong or dysfunctional. So the focus goes on what is wrong and needs to go away rather than having your attention on what you love or what you are moving towards.


You see, we get what we predominantly focus on with our thoughts. Simply put, if our energy is on what we don’t want and what we don’t like, we get more of that. And wherever there is resistance, you get more resistance.


As you are constantly creating your experience in each moment, both consciously and more importantly, unconsciously it pays to wise up to what is going through your mind. Meditation is a perfect way of becoming more conscious and although for the beginner, it can be quite confronting to bear witness to what is going on in your head, over time you begin to see some fascinating patterns.


It is said that we have between 50-70,000 thoughts a day with only 5000 of them original and the rest being repetitive and mostly negative self-talk. Until we can turn to face those thoughts and feel the emotions that swim around with them, we will forever be caught in a cycle resistance and exhaustion from over-thinking.


Instead of this year making more resolutions and plans to fix what is ‘wrong’, how about you get present and take stock of what is happening right here and now and FEEL what is going on before adding a whole lot more into your life.


I’m an expert in supporting people to reach clarity where there is confusion. I encourage people to love and respect who they are by wising up to what is really going on for them so that they can make true and authentic choices in each moment and I support people to break addictive patterns of behaviour and focus their minds on what really brings them peace of mind and joy.


If that speaks to you , I am interested in talking with you and would be delighted to see if there’s a fit for us to partner up. I have 5 more places available for my 3-month partner program and looking for those 5 people to make the beginning of 2016 really count.


with love



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