This is a question I hear from clients and I have definitely asked of my mentors before. And the truth is you can’t speed up your process, it will unfold in its own time and with infinite wisdom. But you can take the brakes off and enter the deliciousness of the flow of your process. This is where it can feel like you are moving more quickly. You know, those times where you are fully present with where you are, perhaps doing something you love and you slip into a timeless experience. All of a sudden, hours have gone by and it only felt like minutes.

When you can learn to flip your perception of your challenge from something you resist and deny to one where you accept and embrace, that’s when you can remember who you are, which is unlimited and always Ok, loveable and valuable, no matter what is turning up. This way your challenge could well still be there but your experience of it is transformed to one of more ease and flow.

What challenges are you facing that you are feeling you just want to get over right away?  A wise person once shared with me, “If you are doing something  just to get through it, you are missing the value in that experience. And then life (=you) will need to give that experience to you again until you move through it and get the jewel.”

I choose to be conscious as I move through my challenges, I choose to get the jewels embedded in my experiences…whats your choice?