Are you done with telling yourself bullshit stories?

Are you tired of saying one thing and finding yourself doing another?

You know, I feel like we tell ourselves bullshit stories for so frikking long that we just don’t even realise what is our truth anymore. We just go along living out assumptions and ideas and thoughts about who we think we should be and what we should be doing and do you know what? its exhausting and unsustainable.

You may be experiencing anxiety, depressiveness and feel at times that you are going crazy but these are the indicators from our body that we are not feeling congruent with what’s true for us. We are feeling out of alignment and there’s an invitation to get real and more authentic there.

Your head may try and convince you that it is better to stay ignorant and that you should put your head back in the sand but it’s impossible to pull the wool over your own eyes. If you do, you know you are fooling yourself and only living a half-life, caught up on the hamster wheel.

You know, it’s a challenge sometimes to turn around and tell yourself the truth, the cold, hard truth as the saying goes. But remember, the truth is also very sweet- it may sting at first but the deep feeling of freedom that then comes from that is undeniable.

So are you ready? Are you ready to stop telling yourself bullshit stories? Are you ready to stop and examine the choices that you are making and feel whats true for you now?

If you feel a pull inside that says YES! please email me and I will share with you more details and what it entails.

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