The Waves of Energetic Movement. (excerpted from an article I wrote for )

It is more widely understood and proven now that everything we experience is energy and that the only thing that differentiates between the wooden desk we sit at and say, our skin or our thoughts is a difference in the frequency of that energy. The desk vibrates at a slower frequency which makes it appear and feel to us as solid, than our thoughts, which are not even visible to our eyes but we know they are there and it’s all energy just in different forms.

This can be a big challenge to accept through our logical and rational brain which is looking to satisfy the tangible five senses, I mean, how can I be made up of the same stuff as an inanimate object! But truth is, we are and we are all vibrating away omitting and receiving waves of energy constantly.

So, when you take this awareness into your day to day, it means that the ENERGY of you, which is made up of so many things including your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, morals, ideals etc constantly have an impact on you and the world around you. This is quite a mind-blowing realisation to have if you sit and really ponder on that. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming when you get present with the fact that most of us in the world are fully aware of those aspects of ourselves maybe 10% of the time which leaves a whole chunky 90% of the time we are unaware, in other words, asleep to our energy and what impact it is having!

This, for me is an exciting revelation because what it ignites in me is the drive to become ever more conscious of who I really am, and in Mandy’s model on pg 129 of the Inspiring Courageous Leaders book, understand what Reconnecting, Responsibility and Revelation means, not just a business context but in the biggest context for us all, our whole life.

Over the past decades of personal development in business, we have heard a lot of the buzz words around what ‘really works’. We have attended courses where the ‘solution’ is to uncover our beliefs and then when that is done all will be OK. Then it was if we uncovered our morals and values, THEN we would have a fully functioning and aware business/life.

All of this is valuable stuff and allows some profound shift and yet we have all experienced how the awareness seems to be short lived and we then await eagerly for the next ‘fix’ while our copious course notes and flip-charts and organisational dream vision boards gather dust.

What I feel is necessary is to get down to the level of energy awareness. To look at the context that underlies all of these layers, our fundamental operating context if you like. This affects the way in which we turn up across all areas of our life. In simple terms, that fundamental context is going to be one of fear where it’s about fixing, changing and improving or manipulating a better outcome OR it’s the transformational and powerful loving context of 100% personal responsibility.

If you sit for a moment and ponder on just how powerful that is, to take responsibility for who you are BEING and the energy of you. Phew! Pretty big stuff I know but when you get how profoundly you influence it all, all of the time just through you being you… WOW!

What we are looking for when we talk about ‘Reconnecting’ with a more meaningful and purpose-filled life is we are looking for that deep and satisfying, intimate connection to ourselves not the roles and tasks we perform. When we talk about ‘Responsibility’ and wanting people to take greater personal, community and organisational responsibility is our own invitation to do that fully ourselves FIRST and not wait for others to do it first before we will. And the ‘Revelations’ we are seeking in form of truth from the world around us is actually all about just how honest we can be with OURSELVES. This is what would create true business mastery, through self-mastery which as Mandy clearly states, takes authenticity, courage and a willingness to be open, real and vulnerable.

If I’m to encapsulate what I have written above into a couple of points, it would be these:

1.You are energy omitting and receiving frequencies all the time and this directly affects everything around you.

2. As a leader, by being conscious of the energy of you, or who you are BEING whist doing whatever you are doing, and courageously choosing what’s really true for you, spectacular and powerful results occur. This is what true ‘taking 100% personal responsibility’ means.

3. That you influence everything, all the time, simply by BEING you and not just because of the many amazing things you have learned to DO.

4. Wise up to the unconscious stuff in your life as a priority and you will naturally connect to thecourageous and powerful leader inside of you and then watch out world!!

5. Self-leadership and mastery precedes true leadership and business mastery.