This may be for you….

This may be for you….

From Darkness to Light

There will be times in your process of awakening where you will simply not make any sense of anything. It will feel dark and mysterious and potentially scary. You will feel as though you have no compass and no purpose or light to shine the way.

Do not let this dishearten you for you will come to a place of sweet surrender in time that will have you so happy and grateful to yourself that you stayed with it. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

It is all simply preparation so that as you step fully into Who You Are, you will be prepared for it.

Don’t be fooled by the lure of the shiny disco balls, the lure of material wealth and money for they will only hook you back into the very story you are awakening from.

Ask yourself, is it more important that you have all your power sourced from within or have your bank balance full? It’s a question well worth pondering your response to as so many times I hear people talk of their detachment to money and the trappings that come with it but when it really comes down to it, they baulk when challenged to expand beyond that self-imposed invisible jail.

And no, I do not purport to living frugally or aspire to the life of a monk who has denounced all worldly things and comforts. Indeed far from it. As an abundant unlimited being, have whatever your heart desires so long as you know that someone who has their power would need not their ‘back-up plan’ or ‘rainy day strategy’.

This truly is a time of further expansion beyond the current paradigm and for those called to awaken, such as you, the one who reads this, there is no time for delay. Release the guylines and set sail into some unchartered waters for you will be rewarded mightily.

Open your mind, open your heart and cut yourself free from that which binds you. Live a fully expressed life of your choosing and create an experience in symphony with all that surrounds you. Draw forth into form the glowing, golden vision of your heart and soul. It is truly magnificent, YOU are truly magnificent.

It’s time.

DW x

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CoreTruth Africa Adventure 2017

CoreTruth Africa Adventure 2017

Well the dust has quite literally settled after we all returned from the CoreTruth Africa Adventure. To be able to put into words the experiences had by all would be impossible and reductive but suffice to say that each participant was taken beyond their perception of who they are and what they thought possible for them.

IMG_8066I am blessed to have been accompanied by such open-minded and hearted individuals who came along to the adventure WITHOUT knowing what we were going to do in advance! and showed themselves the power of immersing themselves into the unknown.


We were shown the magic of several different sides of Africa from the Townships of Capetown and Johannesburg to the splendour of the Garden Route and the spaciousness of the skies, sunsets and horizons. We were blown away by the magnificence of the big five game in Kruger National Park, Lions, Leopards,Buffalo, Elephant and Black Rhino and the expansiveness of Blyde River Canyon and God’s Window.

DSC_0351 1

My intention for the retreat, which was to allow a full immersion into the polarity that South Africa offers, was realised. Each person in their own way getting to expand their sense of self and deepen their connection to the present moment. I take my hat off to the places deep within each of them that were explored and deepened. And I CAN”T WAIT to hold the next one with more gorgeous souls committed to self-mastery and conscious leadership. STAY TUNED!!

Here are a couple of words from my existing clients that give you an insight into the possibilities of working with me in my Coaching Partner Program.

“My experience of Africa was an intense, humbling journey of the senses, particularly in relation to human and animal energies, and awe-inspiring landscapes. It has led to a greater of acceptance of the way things are in this moment, and ultimately a deeper acceptance of myself and my unique journey through life.” DY

DSC_0484“For me Africa was an opportunity to show that, amidst the busy stories of my life, I was able to take time for myself, which showed me that everything is possible without leading to chaos and hardship. Consequently, I feel a greater sense of freedom than I have before. With relation to my process, I am understanding more clearly where the power lies in my choices, whether my choice to do this or that comes from pure love and clarity or from guilt, shame, cloudiness and old paradigm.” NPDC

DSC_0654“Before coming to the retreat, I was feeling anxious about where I was at in my life and was sitting with a lot of feelings of separateness, not belonging and not feeling loved. Feeling very alone.
While being on the retreat with David, I really confronted these and really gave them the opportunity to feel and move through me to allow that deep connection of who I really am to be felt. The release of energy, opening of the heart, the freedom felt in saying what I feel to say and experiencing the presence that I’ve been able to maintain in my life has been life changing.
The space that David holds for the group, they way he lives what he shares and the fun, light playfulness he brings is inspiring and amazing to be experienced.” PH

DSC_0434*My most heartfelt thanks go to Lesley O’Donnell for her amazing ability to capture most of these awesome photographs. You truly chose to be of service to us all and I know I speak on behalf of all who went, that we are appreciative of the time and effort and joy you brought to the task! xxx

The benefit of taking the path less travelled…

The benefit of taking the path less travelled…

Your head will never understand or be able to rationalise why doing what you truly love will align you with flow and bring you exactly what you require.

Today I have had sessions with clients who have shown themselves by putting themselves out there and choosing the more audacious choice that was in front of them. None of them, in the moment, could make sense of why their gut feeling was telling them to take such an edgy more but most importantly, they went ahead. I supported them with their challenge and all the headstuff that came up and reminded them that this discomfort is part of the deal when it comes to following your intuition, your feeling.

The commonality I noticed today across them all was simply how alive and free and energetically ATTRACTIVE they were. Their physical bodies reflecting this in their skin, how they spoke and their general way of being.

So I wonder how this can be speaking to you?

What feeling are you sitting on and not following up on because you are feeling fearful? Or perhaps your head can’t make sense of whatever it is and pushes it down?

Maybe you are one of the many people I come across who have convinced themselves that they don’t know what they love or what makes them feel alive?

I invite you to give me a call. My love is to support people to gain clarity where there is confusion and certainty where there is doubt. I promise that you will have an experience of yourself living your life in ways you only dream about.

Oh and while I have your attention, I have had great news from the stunning private villa complex where the CoreTruth Bali Retreat will be held in April saying that I have access to another 2 bedrooms….. so if you have been sitting with a feeling that you would love to be part of it, give me a call and I’ll let you know more! One of those bedrooms could be yours : ))

Ponder on this…

Ponder on this…

I hear the rather overused expression, “I just need to let it go.”

Can you ever really ‘let go’ of anything?

What I find is that it’s more like whatever it is that we are trying to let go of, lets go of us the more we expand our awareness. x

Are you being a puppet for the drama energy in the room?

Are you being a puppet for the drama energy in the room?

Have you ever stopped to think about this?

Have you noticed when there is someone in a group, your family, at the office, in your friendships, that starts to complain or gossip, that energy more often than not gets transferred onto another person in the group. Maybe even you! One moment you were feeling fine and happy and the next you suddenly feel emotional, caught up and are feeling uncomfortable.

Whenever you aren’t present, you will find that it is almost impossible not to get caught up in the drama and circumstances around you.

Elkhart Tolle refers to this as ‘the pain body’ and I liken it to being like a virus.

So how can you stop the tendency of getting drawn into other peoples stories and emotions? The answer is one of those simple yet not easy things. You build your emotional resilience by learning to bring your complete and undivided attention into the here and now.

You don’t ignore or resist hanging around with people in case they draw you in but rather you learn how to hold your own space when you are around them. This way you not only keep yourself engaged and involved but at the same time don’t fuel the drama and unconsciousness by getting sucked in!

DW x

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