If you snooze… You lose! Well, strictly speaking you can’t lose but definitely by not being present you can miss out on the experience of love and connection with yourself and others around you. So, is it possible to be present alllllll the time? In my experience, so far no, I’m human and thinking and getting into my head comes with the gig but it certainly alerts me to the importance of becoming  present moment by moment.

Sometimes we can think we are being clear… and clean with what we are looking for in a relationship with another person until something troubling occurs. That’s when we have a tendency to either blame ourselves or the other person for whats happening or not happening instead of seeing it as a perfect opportunity to wise up!  The troubling feeling is there with a purpose and that is to alert you to the fact that you have withheld a thought or an emotion and/or are mindreading the other persons thoughts or feelings, which is of course impossible to know exactly.

Being present, being mindful or paying attention, whatever you decide to call it is the pathway to feeling into who you really are and what you really want and clearly this isn’t restricted to the realm of relationships.