I became aware of this at a meeting I attended with some really gorgeous and outwardly successful people this morning. The theme I noticed was that they KNEW what was true for them and what would support them to step up and live a fully expressed life….but they just didn’t follow through on that knowing.


I see this a lot with people who have been to a lot of courses and seminars or who have read a lot of books on personal development.


It’s one thing to go about gathering lots of knowledge and a WHOLE other thing to be willing to integrate what you know.


You see, this is where your head convinces you that just by KNOWING something intellectually, that will be enough for things to shift in your world.


One of the most powerful things we can admit to is NOT knowing. When we put down our fragile pride and become vulnerable (the opposite of what our head wants to do) and open, then we start to ‘get out of our own way’. Along with dropping the need to be right, this is one of the most powerful conscious practices I know.


But why don’t we get out of our own way??


Yes its scary at first, your head will likely go a bit crazy as it grasps to hold on to the illusion of safety and control but gradually, with support and persistence, you will start to see how your life opens up in the most surprising of ways. How by getting out of your own way, (a.k.a getting out of your head with all it’s thoughts and stories) you create space to allow your soul to show you what you DO know.


So, it pays to not know sometimes, UNTIL YOU AUTHENTICALLY DO, through your own experience. It pays to be humble in your awareness. One very powerful saying shared with me by one of my mentors years ago and I am still present to in my life is:

“Never underestimate the power of being underestimated!” or in other words, there’s no need to draw attention to yourself or try and prove you ‘know it all’ to anyone when you truly know who you are.


Someone who KNOWS – and I mean truly KNOWS in an integrated, embodied way doesn’t ever need to draw attention to themselves and build themselves up.


So, are you fed up with things not shifting in your world? If you are stuck in your head and often hear yourself saying “I know” but now realise that perhaps you don’t really, I would love to hear from you.


I am expert at supporting people to speak the truth to themselves and get to their own inner wisdom, certainty and clarity. My 3-month Coaching Partner Program will support you by challenging you to walk your talk, not just talk your talk and show you how by having some humility, things start to flow. Sounds good? feel free to private message me so we can talk further and see if there is a ‘fit’ for us.


(Picture Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rokaslaura/)