I began my coaching sessions with David at a time when I was hoping to embark on some major changes in my life. Over the course of the six months that I was coached I came to see certain behaviours and beliefs that were holding me back from having a truly satisfying life. A more creative and empowered life became more appealing than a reactive and timid one.

I slowly began to see changes occurring. David’s supportive, challenging, highly insightful and intuitive approach was extremely helpful on my journey towards realising the vision of the person that I could be and the life that I could create.

I am pleased to say that one of my major life goals to start a family is now on the way to being realised. I have also created a satisfying new job. My relationship with my partner is growing and developing like never before.

Being coached by David was one of the most rewarding personal growth journeys that I have embarked on.

Angela L